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Depression - Anxiety - Panic Attacks

Here you will find interesting and helpful articles about depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Mental Health - Brain Health

Here you will find interesting and helpful articles about mental health and brain health. 

Testing, Lab Tests and Quizzes

Testing, whether psychological tests or lab testing, can help pinpoint problems and then lead to a more targeted solution, whether that means a better plan for nutrition, lifestyle habits, thought patterns, nutritional supplementation, medications or even surgery. 

Nutrition and Recipes

Nutrition and nutritional supplements are like an orchestra. They can work together to produce a harmonious body that functions well.  Read about different nutrients and their effects on health and mental health.

And find our favorite recipes here...

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We all are in relationships, good or bad ones, with our partner/s, parents, children, friends and others... Here you will find tips and tricks to help you navigate these tricky connections.

Quality of Life

Your Quality of Life Matters. It depends on many factors and can be realively accurately measured...


For thousands of years people all over the earth have thought about life and its challenges. Here are articles where you can learn from philosophers about life.


If you are tired and fatigued a lot, close to burn-out, stressed and can't sleep, it can be a sign of an underlying mental, physical, social, spiritual or financial imbalance. Let us figure out what's at the root of your issue and help you deal with it in a healthier way.


Being creative is a fundamental aspect of humanity. Whether it is woodworking, laying floors, building something, painting, writing or artwork, it all is more or less an expression of yourself: creativity!


Motivation and Inspiration as well as Fun are part of an healthy life. Let yourself be inspired, motivated and have fun!

Allergies, Inflammation, Autoimmunity

Our Immune System is extremely important for our overall health.  Chronic Inflammation is one of the most insidious causes for mental and physical illnesses, not just for classic autoimmune diseases and allergies, but also so-called mental illnesses like depression and anxiety

ADD, ADHD, ASD, Autism

Inattentiveness, inability to focus, and being disorganized are common not just in children. ADD, ADA, ASD and Autism have roots in brain chemistry, genetics and environment. 

Self-Development and -Improvement

We are perfect in this moment. But there is always a next level. Here are tips on how to get there and how to improve our own performance, happiness, creativity and emotional stability and generally become a healthier person - for us and others.

All Others

Here are Blog Posts about other health issues, skin health, stomach health, chronic pain and more as it comes up and is important for a healthy and happy life