Trying to lose Weight? Here is what You need to know... but didn't

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My Story

In 2005, I was 315 lbs. At 5'9, I was definitely not tall enough for my weight...?

With combined tools I lost 150 lbs and kept most of it off since then.

Did that end the story? NO!! It's just the beginning.


Without lasting change of eating habits and lifestyle  (and this doesn't mean weird dieting, starving yourself or low-calorie foods), weight loss doesn't last.

Have you tried it yourself and failed?

The Problem:

You go on a "diet", lose some weight. After a certain time, you relapse to old habits, drop out of the program and eat "normally" again, and soon you are packing on the pounds - and more. 

Your cravings for Junk Food are just overwhelming you. You need that ice-cream, candy, the chips or comfort food.... or else.

You end up feeling fat, ugly, feeling unloved and hopeless, and powerless to change your fate. 

You end up trying different weight loss supplements but they don't work great.

You may also already have gut health issues, like IBS, constipation, bloating, cramps or diarrhea. (or you are on the way to developing some)

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