The 3 Essential Steps on

How to Get Well

ADHD mother and doctor

It is very likely that you  never experienced optimal health.

You may be overweight, feel tired, be in pain, anxious, sad and scared about what may happen to you if you continue living your life "as usual". 

You may have "nasty" symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, itchy skin or scalp or some other symptoms that may have been labeled as "normal", " just in your head" or "signs of aging".

Your doctor may have given you bad news that you need to change things or you are a prime candidate for diabetes, heart attacks or stroke. 

You Wonder: 

What Exactly is going on?

And what exactly do I need to do

To "change things"?

Here are the Exact Steps you need to take in this order to get the best results and get well again!

Consider our
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  • 1a. Identify that you have a problem
  • 1b. Get properly assessed by a doctor trained in functional/integrative medicine, preferably a combination of MD and ND
  • 2. Get additional tests as recommended in step 1 to find the root causes
  • 3a. Compile Your Individual, Step-by-Step Health Plan
  • 3b. Follow the Plan! and Keep it Up!

So what can you do right now?

Your first step is to decide to take control of your health and life.

You only live once!

An Integrative Health Consultant with lots of Experience and Training may be the right choice for you to help you build and manage your healthcare team and your health information, help you to communicate with your healthcare team members and explain findings to you in a way that you can understand.

At DocChristine, we do exactly that. We help you get back to health - the direct way.

Our specialized and comprehensive assessments, step-by-step health plans and health coaching experience will help you and your healthcare team to identify root causes - and then fix them (if possible).