Head and Neck - Anatomy, Physiology and Common Ailments

Part of the Gut Health and Brain Health Series

Structures (Anatomy), Functions (Physiology) and Common Illnesses (Pathology) of the gastrointestinal system.

This video covers the Head and Neck Regions of our awesome body, explained in regular language for "normal" people. 

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Examples of what to find inside:

  • The 6 primary processes of our digestive system
  • Skull and cervical spine - how they develop and look normally
  • muscles and nerves that help us to smile...
  • where are our salivary glands?
  • our senses - smell and taste 
  • why smell nearly always is associated with emotion
  • why normally our food ends up in the stomach and not in our lungs
  • how we avoid to choke on our food - although both windpipe and food pipe end in our throat in a common opening...
  • why too little stomach acid can be more harmful than too much...
  • why white bread tastes sweet
  • the immune system in our mouth 
  • tooth decay- how it works
  • why "a mother's kiss can heal a wound" is actually true...
  • halitosis - bad breath - common causes and fixes
  • cold sores-fever blisters-herpes simplex of the lips
  • caries and gingivitis
  • dry mouth - xerostomy
  • angioedema

Next time we will talk about the esophagus and stomach!