Humanizing Homelessness - with Adina Lichtman

In this video show and podcast episode, Dr. Christine Sauer and Adina Lichtman talk about how Adina met new neighbors and founded a charity giving socks to homeless individuals while studying at NYU.

Knock, Knock, Give a Sock is a non-profit that focuses on humanizing homelessness one sock at a time by collecting socks for those experiencing homelessness while also building relationships between neighbors.

Adina runs KKGS full time, and when she is not busy collecting socks, she fills her time hosting Shabbat dinners, painting and talking to strangers.

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Humanizing Homelessness

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And the story doesn't end here...

watch the little video of what happened Oct. 6, 2021...:)

KKGS children's book homelessness
KKGS children's book Homelessness

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It includes a Checklist on what's not working and holding you back.

 And the Roadmap to help you make your plan to finally start living your best life!