How to Prevent – or Beat – a Common Cold and Stay Well

The Flu season is here, and so many people are sniffling.

While there are many options to prevent a cold and even treat it with natural means, often it is too late when you feel it coming on.

Here is my Go-to for this situation!

I get asked all the time: How are you staying so healthy all the time?

My secret: A simple and inexpensive supplement: Cold-Pro by CanPrev!

How did I find out about this – sadly – well-kept secret?

I tried it!

One evening hubby and I felt like we were getting the flu. You know that feeling, right? Scratchy throat, a little muscle pains all over, just that “unwell” feeling…

I took 2 Cps of ColdPro, but hubby refused to take the “Pills”… (men!)

Next day he had the flu and had it for 3 weeks.   I got nothing…

The next time we both felt like getting the flu, I took 2 Cold-Pro again. A few moments later I heard “Oh, give me some of these wonder pills, too” by hubby ?

This time neither of us got sick.

Now, if you wonder what this supplement is and where to get it, here is the answer for you:

Not sure if you have a cold or if it is something more serious? Read this blog post to find out!

How to use it:

To Prevent the Common Cold:

  1. Take Cold-Pro 2 Caps at the first sign that you might get a cold unless contraindicated
  2. Wash your hands after each visit to a public area
  3. For sore throat, take Zinc lozenges as soon as possible (they should be astringent to have any effect)
  4. Increase your Vitamin C intake if you’ve had contact with other people who have the cold (3 x 1 g or more – ask your physician if taking more than 2 g/day)
  5. Keep the air in your home moist by using a humidifier or drying moist kitchen towels
  6. Don’t smoke

What to do if you already have a Cold?

  1. Continue taking ColdPro 2 x 2 caps unless contraindicated
  2. Continue taking Vitamin C as needed
  3. If your sinuses are plugged, try a nasal irrigator pot to rinse out the sinuses
  4. For laryngitis, sinus, and chest colds do a head steam bath with chamomile tea (download instructions below)

If you have a fever over 39°C (or any fever more than 3 days), are immuno-compromised or have any other serious health conditions consult your physician before taking any supplement!

If you’re asking: Is that true?

Read What Others Say…

“After spending about 30 hours on airplanes last week , and of course they are notorious for catching cold and flu bugs, two days after coming home along came the sore throat, … but what I did do take Dr. Christine’s advice …, and she has the Cold-Pro Formula which I take along with my Immuno-Multi vitamins…and immediately within a day I felt perfect and normal. So folks, it works, so go get it!” – Paul Roy

“I’ve taken this Cold-Pro that Dr. Christine gave to me. I felt a cold coming on three different times like at nighttime when going to bed I started coughing, so I took 2 pills right away at night – in the morning, the cold was gone !!  Three times it happened!” – Anonymous

“I take Cold-Pro every time I feel I get a cold. It is super and works great! ” – Cheryl-Ann

“I take it every time at the first sign that I may be getting a cold and it works every time! I am not getting sick anymore! Great stuff!” – Christine Sauer