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Feeling Depressed & Anxious is Hard!  

Too Many People Struggle Too Long With Depression and/or Anxiety...

Want To Create Inner Peace and Pursue Your Purpose And Happiness?

Want to SAFELY Withdraw from Psychiatric Medications and recover naturally?

At DocChristine Coaching, We Empower You To Co-Create Your Best Life With Us.

Our 7-Step Sparkle System Is A Proven, Drug-Free Path To Healing From Depression And Anxiety.

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Would You Like to Overcome Sadness, Fear, Stress & Frustration and Start to Sparkle?

If you struggle with depression and/or anxiety, full recovery can seem complicated or even impossible to achieve. And only a full recovery leads to inner peace, serenity, self-worth, happiness, trust and a sense of optimism and empowerment.

The good news is that full depression and anxiety recovery is possible, if you follow our 7-Step SPARKLE system, a proven strategy and plan for drug-free healing from depression and anxiety.

This system is based on a holistic approach to Mental Health and Health in general.

We see Health - whether it is Mental Health, Brain Health, Gut Health or other - as 5-Dimensional:

5 dimensions of health mental health root cause medicine second opinion holistic health assessment healthy sparkles health questionnaires children adults depression anxiety adhd gut health stomach issues physician naturopath doctor

What Does 5-Dimensional Health Mean?

Click on any Tab below to see more details on what aspects of wellness are part of each dimension.

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Spiritual

  • Social

  • Financial

Physical Health

This is our physical body, the organ systems, the mechanical part, biochemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, and more.

Examples are:

  • Nutrition, food, Cooking habits
  • Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Spices, Enzymes, fats, Proteins,
  • Lab Testing (Blood, urine, Hair, saliva...)
  • Other Testing/Imaging
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Genetic Risk
  • Medications
  • Brain Injuries/Trauma
  • Clothes, shelter, Environment, Temperature
  • Physical Needs
  • Why Does the Current Approach to Depression & Anxiety Treatment Often Fail?

    Often, the path to chronic depression and anxiety starts with one or more traumatic life experiences, unfortunate life events, death of a loved one, loss of something or someone important, a diagnosis of a serious illness or a series of frustrations or life stressors that you haven't learned to cope with in a positive way.

    If then you have a genetic predisposition to certain biochemical and neurodiverse differences, or your upbringing taught you mostly negative thought patterns, you can easily end up feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, stressed out, fearful, anxious, helpless and hopeless. 

    Realizing that you feel severe emotional pain, maybe even are considering suicide, you seek help.

    Your doctor or psychologist diagnoses you with depression, anxiety "major depression", "generalized anxiety disorder", or similar.

    More often than not, you get told that the only way to help are medications (pharmaceutical drugs) and psychotherapy.

    You are told that depression and anxiety is a chronic illness and will always relapse. 

    You settle to the "fact" that you "have" depression and/or anxiety. That you "are" depressed and anxious and that's your new way of being.

    The Journey from Existing to Thriving...

    Some people stay in this state of "existing, but not thriving" - and settle for less than they could have, settle for the comfort of not feeling the pain anymore.

    The problem here is: If you believe this version of the truth, you will NEVER get fully well, and will fall short of the full potential that you have to offer to yourself, those around you and maybe even the world at large.

    Wayne Dyer said: "Don't die with the music still in you"

    In my experience it is very sad that most people are taught to think that depression and anxiety are lifelong illnesses and they will struggle with them for the rest of their lives.

    Although that can be true in some cases, most of the time it doesn't have to be that way!

    As you probably know, most depressed and anxious people in the western world start their journey through mental health issues with medication and psychotherapy.

    At some point, most of them discover, that their life is still not what they ever hoped and imagined it to be.

    If you desire complete recovery from depression & anxiety, things seem so complicated...

    There are hundreds of companies offering this or that sure-fire solution. That pill, that course, that book, this novel therapy seems to promise the quick-fix and instant happiness...

    And when you try it, it turns out to be complicated, hard, or even impossible to follow, there is no individual support or it is so expensive that only very few can afford it. 

    You feel like you are spinning in a hamster wheel, running from one appointment to another...

    You feel even more anxious, worried, frazzled and end up more and more discouraged, ready to give it all up...

    And in the end, if all this frantic trial and error, and all this effort didn't work, you end up worse than before, even more discouraged and convinced that what you have been told is true, that there is truly no hope for you.

    Now you are even deeper in the "dark black hole of depression", full of worry and fear, considering suicide once again...

    Follow your Inner Voice...

    What keeps you going, is this inner conviction that you got as a child and even now when you gaze up at the starry night sky.

    The longing to discover the stars that are sparkling in the sky has never left your thirsty soul...

    You think and hope for the solution to your problem. You have that inner knowing that there is a solution out there that would finally allow you to recover this, your lost sparkle. 

    Let me assure you today: Your Inner Voice Steered You Right...

    Your inner voice that led you here to this page didn’t lead you astray.

    Your inner "gut feeling" can be a wonderful life compass.

    All it takes for you is a small first step.

    Book a call today and talk to me.

    It’s time to step out of that hamster wheel of trying this or that one thing,

    it's finally time to relax, and explore a system that is simple to follow, that makes sense - and that is proven to work.

    Welcome to The world of "sparkles"

    We define "Sparkles" as people who are wanting more for themselves, who want to overcome feelings of depression, anxiety and more and who want growth in all 5 dimensions of health and life.

    5 dimensions of health mental health root cause medicine second opinion holistic health assessment healthy sparkles health questionnaires children adults depression anxiety adhd gut health stomach issues physician naturopath doctor
    recover your sparkle-heal depression-frustration-stress

    The 7 Steps to Recover Your Sparkle

    S - See Clearly - Your Past: Why You Can't Sparkle Now

    What This Means for You: Assessment and Strategy  - Holistic Assessments for Your Optimal Mental Health - Find the Root Causes of Depression and Anxiety by reviewing your past in all 5 Dimensions and bringing it into the NOW.

    P - Passion, Purpose, Goals - Find Your Future Sparkles 

    What This Means for You: Here you will  Discover your Purpose, Passion, and the big WHY's and then create Meaning for your life. From here we will co-Create Your Goals for a Better Future.

    A - Annihilate Your Automatic Sparkle Extinguishers

    What This Means for You: You Learn Practical Ways How To Annihilate Your Sparkle Extinguishers (Automatic Negative Thoughts) In Your Brain ( The Thoughts That Steal Your Joy And Happiness) And Recover The Sparkles In Your Thoughts

    R - Recover And Rebuild The Sparkles Around You

    What This Means for You: Detox Your Habits, Your Food, Your Relationships And Your Environment - Start To Rebuild Your Life And Your Environment

    K - Keys To Recover Your Happy Sparkles

    What This Means for You: Happiness is Your Choice! Discover How all You Learned so far prepared you to experience contentment and happiness

    L - Live Daily With A Sparkle

    What This Means for You: Get the Sparkle back in your eyes by managing stress better and letting go of part hurts and Trauma Fixations

    E - Embrace Your Sparkling Future

    What This Means for You: Truly live forwards, not backwards! Create every daily sparkle anew and live your life Courageously and in a way that will end unnecessary anxiety and the dark clouds of depression and avoid future regrets

    Watch the video below

    and enjoy how two Perfectly imperfect human beings illustrate the Journey of Becoming...

    See how Harried Harriette Recovers her Sparkle and Regains Inner Peace to become - Sparkling Suzie

     7 Steps to Climb the Mountain of Life

    Did You Watch the Video? Then answer this question:

    Are You Ready?

    This video was presented as an online blu Talk, the TED Talk alternative created by Corey Poirier, "The Speaker Guy". 

    Starring: Luna - Dr. Christine Sauer   Harriette-Suzie - Maxine Silva

    Videography: Kevin Lane

    Like many things in life, this video is imperfect. We choose not to try to achieve perfection on purpose. The secret of life lies in accepting and loving yourself and life as it is - while still striving for growth and learning.

    So, if you were thinking that we are reading from some script, you are right.

    So if you, too, are imperfect or even feel worthless or your life feels meaningless and without purpose, book a call today and let's talk!

    Welcome to my world.

    I am Dr. Christine Sauer. I’m a mental and brain health strategist and mentor for depressed and anxious people.

    I know what it means to be depressed and left in the dark by the conventional medical system, feeling discouraged, hopeless, confused and overwhelmed...

    And I founded DocChristine Coaching to help others get to their inner peace and fulfilled, purposeful and passionate life faster that I did.

    We at DocChristine help to make complete depression recovery simple – with our proven 7-Step Sparkle Strategy for 5 dimensional holistic depression recovery.

    We are guides, experienced mentors, to help you find the best path to your individual best life...

    We call that – to Recover your Sparkle…

    Have you ever looked at the starry night sky in awe and seen the many sparkling starts up there?

    We all are sparkles like that.

    And we can live our life in ways that we sparkle brightly and happily – or let life’s circumstances and other people’s negativity extinguish your sparkle.

    Modern medicine calls the latter depression.

    Don't let the dark night of the soul keep you down in the dumps one single day longer.

    Start your road to full recovery from depression and anxiety today.

    depression recovery made simple-docchristine-dr christine sauer


    • What's The Purpose of the Call?

    • Why DocChristine?

    • Privacy & Safety

    Will Dr. Christine keep my data safe?

    Absolutely. We are very committed to keeping you - and your data as safe as reasonably possible. 

    We use systems and measures to prevent data loss, data breach and other invasions of your privacy. 

    For details, please review our current privacy policy.

    Will my mental health be in danger when I work with Dr. Christine?

    Dr. Christine uses kindness first, understanding and care second and a bit of toughness third. 

    We will never coerce you or tell you to do anything that you don't want to do.

    We will hold you accountable to your goals and remind you of actions you said you wanted to take. - We will never pressure you. Please review all we do and don't do (and a few legal terms) in our disclaimer document

    Do you have any rules you follow?

    Absolutely. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of our profession.

    When you work with us, you agree to have read and understood the rules that we spelled out in easy to understand words. Please review all we do and don't do (and a few legal terms) in our disclaimer document