Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss

How Chakra Alignment and Chakra Yoga Can Help with Weight Loss and Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life

It seems counter-intuitive. Maybe you thought Yoga and spiritual practices were great for mental health (and they sure can be very helpful to lessen anxiety, stress and even help with depression)

What are Chakras?

According to ancient wisdom, Chakras are energy centers, where we receive, assimilate and distribute our life energies. Consider them like the wheels of life that carry us on our journey.

Many people doubt their existence, but ancient medicine systems of the Eastern World have long ago identified energies that surround us.

Some of them we identified with modern science and named them electricity, magnetism, X-rays, and so on, but for many people, there is still a lot left to discover and understand when it comes to humanity and life. Kirlian photography (aura photography) is just an example of unknown energetic forces that are still to be fully understood and discovered.

Chakras are said to contribute to our patterns, beliefs, and experiences, as well as influence our health.

Few understand, however, the deeper meaning of the chakra system, or how to use this ancient template for weight loss transformation as well as to make deeper contact with yourself and others.

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Where Exactly Are the Chakras?

The chakras are understood to be concentrated hubs or centers that align along the center of the body, from the base of the pelvic floor up to the crown of the head.

They cannot be pinpointed or measured with a measuring stick, but many people can feel them when carefully holding their hands over the area and intuitively sensing the energy.

Where Did Chakras Come From?

The concept has been around for a long time. Thousands of years ago, the word “chakras” appeared in Vedic scriptures (ancient Hindu religious texts), though they were likely referring to literal spinning wheels. Later, “in the roots of yoga,” chakras were seen closer to the way we understand them today. There are many other depictions of energy flowing through and surrounding our bodies, like the Yin and Yang Systems of the Chinese, auras, and also in other cultures, such as the Maya, Aztecs, and Cherokees” — a further indication of an age-old understanding of the concept of the energy body and a recognition that we’re more than just a body: We’re energetic beings.

So … Why Should You Work With the 7 Chakras When it Comes to Getting in the Best Shape of Your Life?

As I stated in another article, I see our body at least in 5 Dimensions.

And if we include working with the chakras, we can better understand the self and use them as vehicles for transformation, impacting our overall well-being to align and integrate all 5 dimensions: mental, physical, social, spiritual and even financial.

The 7 Major Chakras: What You Need to Know About Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss

Ready to start activating your chakras to support your weight loss? Start from the ground up!

Many practitioners talk about “opening your chakras”. What does it mean?

It means tuning into each area in a nonjudgmental way.

Observe, ask yourself simple questions, and journal about your thoughts if you want. This can start to unlock stale energies — which are typically limiting beliefs, painful memories, or even trauma — to make room for new energy to flow in. Sometimes it can be helpful to talk with an experienced coach about your feelings and help to align yourself with more positive energies.

Try doing a daily check-in with your chakras – and really, your whole body.

Start at the root chakra at the base of your pelvis and do a quick scan of your chakras one by one.

Deeply focus on sensing what you feel. Does anything feel off physically, mentally or otherwise?

Each chakra has a different frequency or rate at which it vibrates, and is represented by a color of the same frequency.

To enhance your connection while tuning in to a chakra, some people find it helpful to keep the color in mind.

Once you’ve pinpointed the chakra(s) that need some TLC, take five or 10 minutes to journal or speak your thoughts out loud.

Adding a gentle Self-Havening Techniques® Session can help train your brain even more to release harmful energies and tune into a more positive state, rev up your metabolism, and to release extra mental and physical toxicities and fat.

Even a brief time spent focusing on yourself will help to transform negative energy and lead to taking aligned and inspired action during the day.

The 7 Chakras and What They Mean

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Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss Pt.1: Root Chakra

Chakra Color: Red

Where It’s Located: The base of the spine/pelvic floor

What It Represents: The root chakra is all about our physical body, material needs, and security. It encompasses our roots, culture, and history and it is considered to be your action center!

How to Work With It: To get into alignment, ask yourself — either mentally or via journaling — What actions are working for me? What actions need to be different? How safe and financially secure in the world do I feel?

What Aligning Your Root Chakra Does: You’ll take effective, inspired actions without overdoing things, and you’ll feel more confident, safe, and financially secure.

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Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss Pt. 2: The Sacral Chakra

Chakra Color: Orange

Where It’s Located: The abdomen

What It Represents: This area is said to determine your emotions and feelings, and as we now know, the gut-brain axis is very much aligned with this idea. We know from science that our gut microbiome, the gut bacteria, produces many feel-good neurotransmitters.  The sacral chakra also represents creativity, sensuality, the fertility of ideas, and sexual flow.

How to Work With It: Ask yourself: How is my emotional health? Am I overly emotional — or not emotional enough? How’s my sense of creativity? Am I experiencing any addictive tendencies or jealousy?

What Aligning Your Sacral Chakra Does: You’ll develop a healthier self-image and be able to accept change with more ease a well as increase emotional well-being and sexual enjoyment.

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Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss Pt.3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Chakra Color: Yellow

Where It’s Located: Above the navel, but below the ribs

What It Represents: This chakra is said to be about ideas, belief systems, inner chatter, and how you pick up on information and how you perceive it. It organizes ideas, and so it’s the center that indicates work success. You could say, it is here where ideas are digested (not just food).  Many people mention it also as a seat of manifestation, transformation, personal power, motivation, and resilience.

How to Work With It: Ask yourself, What thoughts do I have — and which ones am I putting in charge? Do I feel clarity, courage, and confidence?

What Aligning Your Solar Plexus Chakra Does: You’ll experience more clarity and courage, as well as a feeling of confident humility.

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Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss Pt.4: The Heart Chakra

Chakra Color: Green

Where It’s Located: The physical heart space (middle of the chest)

What It Represents: The heart has many functions, it is not just a pump. It also produces hormones and is always said to be the center of connection, love, bonding, and relationships.

How to Work With It: If you’re experiencing an issue related to a relationship, take a closer look. Ask yourself, Is there a particular pattern of behavior here? Journal about any sadness, stress, resentment, loneliness, perfectionism, and disagreement between your head and heart…

What Aligning Your Heart Chakra Does: Your relationships will flow with ease, your capacity for forgiveness and compassion will increase, and you’ll feel more self-love and more facility in listening to your heart.

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Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss Pt.5: The Throat Chakra

Chakra Color: Blue

Where It’s Located: The throat/neck area and upper shoulders

What It Represents: The center of communication, this is where we speak, sing.

How to Work With It: The theme here is expression. Ask yourself, Do I feel comfortable expressing what I’m thinking and asking for what I need — or not? Am I overly communicative, too impulsive with my expression, or highly critical? Do I make decisions easily?

What Aligning Your Throat Chakra Does: You’ll be able to express yourself freely and authentically.

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Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss Pt.6: The Third Eye Chakra

Chakra Color: Violet

Where It’s Located: The brow area (between the eyes)

What It Represents: It is said to connect to the pituitary gland, which is your master hormone gland. This energy center involves a lot of brain activity and is primarily about self-perception.

How to Work With It: Ask yourself, How do I see myself? If you have comparison issues or see yourself as less than others, or less than what you could be, that locks up the sixth chakra and may affect your hormones. You may want to examine if you’re self-awareness, whether you have any obsessive thinking, and/or whether you experience brain fog.

What Aligning Your Third Eye Chakra Does: You’ll feel tapped into your intuition, experiencing it with clarity.

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Chakra Yoga for Weight Loss Pt.7: The Crown Chakra

Chakra Color: White

Where It’s Located: This chakra is said to be connected to your pineal gland, a neuroendocrine organ in the center of the brain that’s implicated in mystical experiences

What It Represents: The crown chakra regulates balanced moods and sleep. Essentially it’s considered the center of our spirit and our connection to the divine spirit. Because the crown is considered the entry point for human life force, it is said to influence the major body systems, including the muscular system, the skeleton, and the skin.

How to Work With It: Ask yourself, Can I sense my oneness, which is the feeling of being connected to everything in the universe? Or am I depressed, anxious, flat, or questioning my spiritual purpose or the meaning of life?

What Aligning Your Crown Chakra Does: It leads to greater attunement to self as well as a greater sense of humanitarianism and the development of transcendent ideas.


Aligning and clearing your chakras and energy centers can contribute to greater health and weight loss in the context of a 5-Dimensional Wellness Plan.

Interested in your free plan? Talk to us today

Thank you to Yoga Instructor Reena Davis for leading the practice.

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