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Our Story

DocChristine Coaching was founded by Dr. Christine Sauer as a way to help others suffering from seemingly endless and permanent mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and others to find alternatives and show them the way out of the trap of being a victim to dis-ease and to truly start "Living Your Best Life". Her story of overcoming serious mental illness is meant as hope and inspiration to others who are still suffering.

Our Mission

To Educate and Inspire People to Get and Stay Healthy and Well, Giving Them Direct and Practical Help to Achieve Lasting Health and Wellness for Body, Mind, Spirit and their Relationships.

Our Vision

A world where people are empowered to take responsibility for their own lives and their own mental, physical, social, and spiritual health and truly can live their best life, whatever that means for the individual.

Our Motto

"If You're Stuck in a Dark Place, Don't Give Up!  There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel for You, too!" - Dr. Christine Sauer
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Meet Our Team

Founder and CEO

Dr. Christine Sauer
Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

High-Efficiency Mental Health & Brain Health Coach & Educator

Specializing in Help for Depression and Anxiety with Combined Methods

Customer Relations

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Renuka Khare

Manager-Customer Relations

Specializing in Facilitating Understanding Between Us and Our Clients

Coach Celeste

Celeste Mendelsohn-yoga-trauma-ptsd-mental health
Celeste Mendelsohn

Trauma and Recovery Coach, Yoga Tarana

Specializing in Overcoming Trauma with Yoga...

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