Recipe: Basic Bone Broth 

Tasty bone broth recipe made in your slow-cooker - fast and easy

Great to eat when you have the cold or flu

Watch the video where I tell you how I make my bone broth recipe - the easy way...

Here is how to make this basic bone broth recipe:


  • use grass-fed beef marrow bones or leftover roasted beef bones or roasted chicken carcass (free-range or pastured chicken)
  • Take any meat of the bones and add later to the finished broth or soup.
  • Place all ingredients in slow-cooker. Do not forget the vinegar.
  • Use enough water to cover bones. Do not fill slow-cooker more than ¾ full.
  • Turn to low and simmer for ~48 hrs (for beef bones) or 24 hours (for chicken bones)
  • Strain into bowl and discard the leached-out bones and vegetable scraps.
  • Can be frozen or used to make soup immediately.


  • beef bone/s or chicken bones as needed
  • water to cover bones
  • 2-3  Tbsp, tablespoon/s vinegar (make sure to add vinegar to leach the minerals out of the bones). You can use any kind of vinegar.

optional flavorings:

  • 2  bay leaves
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 carrot/s (optional, can use carrot peels)
  • 2  onions (can be onion skins and cut-offs)
  • 1 celery stalk (can use leaves and cut-offs)
  • 1 head/s or to taste garlic, fresh

Extra Tip:

Whenever you peel vegetables, take the cut-offs and peelings and freeze them for later use in your next batch of bone broth...

What about the dirt on the peelings?

I have been asked often by clients if vegetable peelings are not too dirty to be put in a soup. Here are my answers...

1. A bit of dirt don't hurt.... Unless you are very immunocompromised, a bit of dirt, even if not cooked, doesn't hurt you. Your innate immune system is meant to deal with this.

2. Usual cleaning to remove obvious dirt with water and a vegetable brush is more than enough for most people. 

3. In addition, the cooking/boiling process will kill most micro-organisms that may be harmful, so your immune system has just a few ones left to deal with...

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