All About the Omega 3-6 Ratio or Index and Why You Need to Know Yours!

The Omega 3-6 ratio (index)

The omega-3-6 index is defined as the amount of EPA plus DHA in red blood cell membranes expressed as the percent of total red blood cell membrane fatty acids .

The EPA + DHA content of red blood cell membranes correlates with that of all body cells, and several observational studies indicate that a lower omega-3 index is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease mortality.

It is therefore proposed that the omega-3 index can be used as a biomarker for risk assessment for many diseases, among them heart disease, brain diseases like Alzheimers, mental illness, asthma, cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and general health and longevity.

Omega 3-and 6- fatty acids together with cholesterol are necessary components of healthy cell membranes throughout your body.

The omega-3 index has also been used to assess your need for supplementation as well as the success of supplementation.

Here is a Sample Test result for you to check out:

Omega 3 test for brain and mental health

You get a multi-page report of the omega-3-6 ratio, the fatty acids composition of your blood and your trans-fat-index.

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