Focus on little things created massive sparkles for a sad lady...

 Opportunity found others because they focused on getting really good at incremental stepping up their “game”

Yes, opportunity found my dear friend Kim because she focused on getting really good at incremental stepping up her "game"...

You might be asking yourself:
Who exactly does Christine and the #Sparkles for Better Mental Health Community help?

Who are the types of people who use practical, no-nonsense tools in a community to create a brighter future for themselves and others?

Meet Kim:

Kim has been a client now for about 1 year or so.

I first met Kim through a business coaching program. Like many people who come into our worlds, she just showed up one day on Facebook and I found out that she had taken the same program and also was a coach - and very depressed.

When we first met, Kim felt unable to do any work due to her disability.
She had tried to start a coaching business, run into many obstacles, gone into debt - and not experienced any success.
She felt trying to help herself was futile. She was doomed to fail.

She was a hard worker - in her thoughts and dreams.
Like many loving, kind and caring women, she was used and abused by many people in her life.

What struck me most about Kim was her kindness and her desire to transition from what she was doing to some sort of generating her own income and become financially independent and empowered as a person.

She wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but she knew what she wanted to stop doing.

Kim's big thing was figuring out

  • How to stop dreaming and start doing.
  • Figuring out what to do with the rest of her life.
  • How to start things and then continue with them.
  • How to Create a Better, Brighter Future - for herself and for others

So she tried a BUNCH of different things in self-development, self-help, spirituality, technology and coaching.

The thing that set Kim apart was that she realized no matter what she did, she had to help herself first to be able to help others in a big, brighter way.

So as she tried all these different things, she kept enriching her life with spiritual things and dreams.

Even though many of the things she tried didn’t pan out, she kept searching and trying to brighten up her life.

Kim was a master of thinking up possibilities, and then dismissing them as impossible.

Kim was excellent at minimizing her own achievements and magnifying her failures.

Kim was dreaming her life away instead of living it.

And as the years kept adding up, the load of unused time piled up and weighed her down, increasing feelings of guilt, shame and depression.

Sharing this with someone who understood, who had been there - and who knew and had the tools and strategies to get to the brighter side of life - felt empowering to her.

Kim started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

With this mindset, I knew all Kim needed was to figure out the right order of things to do and where to get started.

She also needed a few tools that helped her to get started, enjoy the results of a small action, and then keep going to bigger and bigger actions.

The interesting thing is that Kim is also an aspiring entrepreneur, a coach and a wonderful person. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life that she didn't give herself the credit for.

So Kim started small. One mini-step at a time we got her started, and with the help of local friends and family things started working better and better.

She organized her household, was able to let go of many things that weren't serving her current person no more, learned to set proper boundaries in her relationships, and - started to working part time.

She even moved in a lovely and new (to her) mini-home!

Bottom line:

 Kim started using my tools and worksheets and took all the recommendations I gave her in our coaching sessions.

She at least tried them on (like new clothes) - and then wore (= used and kept using ) those that fit (= tools and actions that got her closer to her goals).

It wasn’t exactly the path she imagined when she set out to improve her life but it worked out great and she’s happier than she has been in a very long time.

I must say, looking back on her journey, I admire Kim's tenacity, persistence and courage to attack her dragons of the past.

I am really very impressed by the way she worked hard to get to where she is now.

Fast forward to today and Kim is building new relationship with interesting people, repairing old ones and even helping others improve their lives by using all the skills and tools she has learned from me as well as from others during her life.

She balances her work and rest and was able to weather the whole Covid19 thing well… especially compared to many other women who let the fear and stress and all the changes bring them down.

The last time I talked to Kim I got the impression she is ready to move forward with exploring the option of re-starting her coaching business - together with others or as a side venture so she can share all she learned during her journey with others that need her sparkling light to see that there is hope for them, too.

Kim is now truly living her best life and creating a brighter future for herself, those around her and maybe even for the whole world.

Can’t ask for more than that!

I’d love to hear from you about this. Does Kim's story resonate with you at all?

Now I know you might not want to help others by being a professional coach yourself and start or grow your business like Kim (or maybe you do) or you might not want to partner with others who help to create a brighter future. (or maybe you do).

But do you need help to create a brighter future for yourself (and others) and to recover your sparkle?

By the way, what is the main thing or goal you are working on (or what you want to work on) and achieve?

I’d love to know, especially because it’ll help me know more about my friends and customers and how I can help you do better with YOUR struggles around life in our stressful and often frustrating world.

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Dr. Christine Sauer is a German-trained physician and naturopath, a Certified Brain Health Professional and Brain Trainer (Dr. Daniel Amen MD) as well as a gastrointestinal disease specialist, working as a Holistic Health & Life Coach and Educator.
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She wrote #1 bestselling books, speaks on stages (incl. a TEDx Talk) and lectures on these topics. She also coaches individuals, groups, and families. and teaches teenager on ourschool. As “The Doctor Who Knows How You Feel” she is known to make a lasting impression and positive difference in the lives of her clients, friends and followers. Main website:

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