The 5 Dimensions of Brain and Mental Health 

- Dr. Christine Sauer with Dave Sherwin on the Dirobi Health Show

Watch as Dave Sherwin, Founder and Owner of and Dr. Christine Sauer are talking about the 5 Dimensions of Brain and Mental Health.

Here is a bit about what that means:

The overall functioning of your brain determines the quality of your decisions and these in turn determine your success in life and work.

Are you aware that every moment, by everything you do, you are changing your brain – and changing your life – for the better or the worse...?

Neuroplasticity does not mean some abstract, complicated or weird process, but it means that your brain adapts to all you do and changes itself constantly.

So here is the good news: You are in control of your brain and your life.

If you eat a donut, your brain changes. If you choose a salad, your brain changes again.

Your choices in all areas determine the trajectory of your life – for the better or the worse.

Only if we address and solve issues in all 5 Dimensions of Brain Health – and really, life as a whole, can we be successful – whatever success may mean to us.

We need to strategically assess all 5 dimension, then address all issues in each of those. Not just try this approach, try that – whatever we see on google, what’s “in” in our circle, what our busy eye spots in a magazine or what a friend or colleague tells us “will work”.

What are the 5 dimensions of health?

The 5 Dimensions of Brain Health are:

  • Physical Health – our physical body, the organ systems, the mechanical part, biochemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, and more
  • Mental Health – have you ever thought about what it really means? We know it is about how we feel, and traditionally we employ talk therapy to help. But what if it doesn’t? You will discover that Mental health is so much more than what we think is going on in our mind, what we think about.  
  • Spiritual Health – and we mean not  religion or  voodoo, but questions about your deepest sense of meaning and purpose, passion, goals and much more
  • Social Health – Human are social beings – we have multiple relationships and roles – with family, partners, friends, the community and others
  • Financial Health – in our modern world, we are no longer growing or making everything we need to live. We are dependent on a monetary system to buy necessary resources. A steady source of income means feeling secure, not having to be afraid of going hungry, losing a safe place to live and being able to afford the lifestyle we desire and deserve.
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