Tired of Misdiagnoses, Confusion and Waiting for Months to Get Reliable Answers to Your Healthcare Questions? 

Unlock your personal "Doc in a Box*" and get reliable, evidence-based explanations and answers to all your questions from a physician and naturopath with over 40 years experience for a discounted price (only 20 spots available)...

Why You Need Your "Doc In A Box"

Did you know that medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in Canada and the United States?  

Startling, right?

What's more shocking is that around 25% of patients with chronic diseases are grossly misdiagnosed.


But don't despair, there's a silver lining to this grey cloud.  

Here is the good news:  

There is a new way to go about getting timely, practical health support... you’ll read about here today.  

Some are saying it’s the biggest breakthrough in holistic health since the incorporation of integrative and multi-dimensional wellness approach. 

Instead of struggling to find helpful answers to your health concerns, or not receiving timely responses from healthcare providers - leaving you feeling overwhelmed and confused amid medical jargon and conflicting information online,  

you can gain the confidence and peace of mind in your pursuit of well-being, starting today.


No longer will you be dependent on long waiting periods for doctors appointments, or to see a specialist, or fall victim to the confusion and uncertainty of self-diagnosis via "Dr. Google" or the internet. 

Now, you can gain access to my over 40 years of experience in healthcare, receiving personalized and comprehensive guidance for your specific health concerns for the lowest cost ever.


However, this will can only occur after you’ve finished reading this letter today and decided to take the next step towards your health and wellness.  

And that’s why this letter may be the most important message you receive all year.

Consider it carefully. 

Read it more than once.


Then Decide If This Is For You.

Some of my previous clients who were struggling with health concerns are saying,  this is…  

“The Fix For Frustrating Health Experiences”

I’m Dr. Christine Sauer, German-trained MD and ND. 

I’ve been in the business of helping individuals looking for health advice overcome their frustrating health experiences for over 40 years.  

Giving them timely, personalized, practical health recommendations* and explaining health conditions, testing options, test results and treatment options in clear, easy to understand language, not medical jargon, delivered conveniently to their email inbox.

Giving you confidence that you are asking your healthcare team the right questions, get the answers you need and can make good decisions for your care and that of your family.


This will lead to improved results for your overall health and wellbeing.

dr christine sauer

Today I’d like to share the easiest and most cost-effective way to get good, evidence-based health information and answers to all your personal healthcare questions*.

 One that helps You Gain Control Over Your Health and Well-being.  

About as easy as humanly possible too.  

You see, I recently analyzed hundreds of case studies I’ve helped over the years.  

I studied what took them to success faster than the rest.  

The result astonished me…and here's why:  

I discovered that the key to rapid and effective health improvement is not just in going to your doctor and seeking medical treatment, but in thoroughly understanding your condition and possible treatment options and their potential risks and benefits.

Understanding your diagnosis, possible differential diagnoses that should be considered,  lab test and other test results, the implications, treatment options, and perhaps most importantly, the best strategy to communicate with your healthcare team and to making informed decisions for your health based on this understanding. 

This is a vital part of the journey to wellness that many overlook, yet it is the foundation of the personalized and comprehensive approach I advocate.

Tina's Story...

Just last week, one of my clients, let’s call her Tina (not her real name) found herself in a situation that I believe many of you can relate to.  

“I woke up with a strange itchy rash on my belly, something I hadn't experienced before.” she told me. 

“Naturally, I was concerned and considered seeing a doctor. However, given the current circumstances with long wait times and my busy schedule, I hesitated.  

Instead, I turned to the internet, searching for possible causes and treatments. After hours of reading through forums, medical websites, and even watching a few YouTube videos, I felt more confused and anxious than when I started. There was so much conflicting information, and none of it was tailored to my specific situation.  

It was this experience that reminded me that a few months back, I had subscribed to “Doc in a Box” for readily accessible, reliable, and personalized healthcare support. I had nearly forgotten about it 

I wrote a quick email to Dr. Christine and got a response within just a few hours. After just a few additional emails back and forth with questions and answers I knew what to do 

In my case, it was enough to just go to the drugstore to get a certain over-the-counter medicine. And the next day my rash had resolved. 

That's why I'm so passionate about the "Doc in a Box*" service.  

It's designed to cut through the noise and provide clear, concise, and relevant health information, just like I needed last week.”  

What Is "Doc In A Box"?

Consider "Doc In A Box*" your drive-thru health service for all of life's little medical riddles...

With DocChristine's "Doc in a Box", you're subscribing to not just answers, but practical and personalized support*... With this unique subscription service, your healthcare is suddenly on your terms.

There's no need for insurance, and certainly no need to wait for weeks for a doctor's appointment. 

Let DocChristine, with over 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry, be your personal health guide.

"Doc in a Box" includes...

(Near) Unlimited* email conversations  

Get direct access to Dr. Christine's vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in medical, psychological, and natural sciences. Ask your health questions and receive personalized responses*, often within a matter of hours.  

Instead of waiting for days or even weeks to speak with a doctor...  You get near immediate and practical answers*, allowing you to make informed decisions about your health care without being overwhelmed by unnecessary stress and anxiety.  

Answers based on over 40 years of experience and evidence-based research  

Dr. Christine uses her diverse background in medical and naturopathic science to provide answers grounded in tested and approved research. No longer be subject to the confusing medical jargon that leaves you feeling more concerned than relieved.  

Rather than flipping through pages of unreliable internet information...  You get peace of mind knowing that your answers are backed by decades of expertise and an evidence-based approach to wellness.  

Personalized recommendations for tests, treatment options, and specialists  

Each recommendation* from Dr. Christine is tailored to your unique health concerns. Get recommendations that go beyond the typical "one-size-fits-all" approach that leaves many patients feeling unheard and uncared for.  

So instead of feeling lost in navigating the healthcare system...  You get to sail smoothly with individually tailored health support* that helps you understand your condition better and make the best decisions for your health.  

Coverage for a wide range of health conditions and concerns  

Whether it's mental health, stomach issues, skin issues, chronic pain, inflammatory or autoimmune diseases, Dr. Christine has you covered*. Her expertise in various areas of health means you get good answers, irrespective of your condition.  

And much, much more!  

"Doc in a Box*" is more than just a service; it's your ticket to gaining control over your health and wellness.

It's time to stop struggling with unanswered questions, and start living your best life, today. Subscribe now, and let's get to the heart of your health riddles together*! 


What You Get With Your "Doc In a Box" - Subscription

Access A Caring Medical Professional 24/7

Access a caring medical professional 24/7! No more long frustrating weeks of waiting for an appointment or spending hours in overcrowded waiting rooms! With "Doc in a Box", Dr. Christine is at your service! 

Get In-depth, Personalized Answers Tailored To Your Unique Health Concerns

Get in-depth, personalized answers* tailored to your unique health concerns and condition within 72 hours! No more vague, confusing medical jargon that's impossible to understand! Dr. Christine’s approach is concise and simple, ensuring you understand every aspect of your health plan.

Ditch The Concern Of Misdiagnoses

Ditch the concern of misdiagnoses! Have peace of mind knowing that the “world's foremost subscription service for personalized health answers" is addressing all your health queries*, using Dr. Christine's comprehensive, evidence-based research accumulated over 40 years in diverse areas of healthcare.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds With An Integrative Healthcare Approach

Get the best of both worlds with an integrative healthcare approach! No more quandary of selecting between conventional and alternative medicine. Dr. Christine’s extensive experience in Naturopathy and Conventional medicine delivers a balanced health approach*!


Forget About Generic Health Advice From Unreliable Online Sources

Forget about generic health advice from unreliable online sources ! Gain confidence in your healthcare decisions thanks to personalized responses* to every query, even if you are a health professional yourself doing your own research!

Tired Of Buying Pricey Devices, Products And Services

Tired of buying pricey devices, products and services, not knowing if they will work? Discover which ones are right for you personally*, and avoid making expensive mistakes.

Save Thousands Of Dollars Spent On Specialist Appointments And Travel

Save thousands of dollars spent on specialist appointments and travel by having unlimited, expert recommendations right at your fingertips*! That's the difference a "Doc in a Box" subscription brings!

Avoid The Dire Consequences Of Making Bad Healthcare Decisions

What if there was a way to avoid the dire consequences of making bad healthcare decisions? Let Dr. Christine, backed by 40 years of experience across several health disciplines, guide you in your decisions*. Now there's no room for regret!

Learn More About Your Own Body Than Ever Before

Learn more about your own body than ever before! Be better prepared to make the right choices* for your health and wellness by turning to Dr. Christine's extensive and integrated knowledge. You'll never have to feel overwhelmed again! 

Let Our Expert Guide You Through The Labyrinth Called Healthcare

Let our expert guide you through the labyrinth called healthcare. No more frustration of navigating through this complex system or assessing the jumble of myriad treatment options, medications, and supplements*. We're here to hold your hand in this journey!

How to Get Access To Your "Doc In A Box"...

All You Have To Do Is subscribe to the "Doc in a Box," and start asking your pressing health questions. 
That’s it.
And rather than worrying about how long the wait is to get an appointment with a good family doctor or how to get there without losing time off work, you can simply subscribe to this unparalleled service… it right now, before you face another senseless and frustrating wait to start addressing your health concerns. 
You don’t have to worry about those times when you're left feeling helpless as your child wakes up in the middle of the night, coughing and sneezing, or when you wake up with those persistent, annoying headaches.  

No more languishing in anxiety because you're grappling with the decision of whether these symptoms warrant another time-consuming and expensive visit to the emergency room or urgent care.  

Moreover, despairing over deciphering the confusing medical jargon and conflicting internet advice will no longer be part of your worries. 
Instead, you can wake up one sunny Tuesday morning, open your email, and see a new message waiting for you...


It's Dr. Christine's thoughtful response to your questions about your child's repeated coughing fits.  

She's laid out a detailed explanation in plain language, providing practical suggestions on managing the condition with natural remedies.  

She's also suggested possible options for further testing and a specialist for further help, simplifying your medical journey.  

It's like the break of a new dawn in your healthcare experience. 
That's what awaits you inside... 

What You Get With Your "Doc In A Box" Subscription

Unlimited* Answers

(Near) Unlimited access* to expert medical support and answers for all health questions by email

Timely Responses

Timely responses within 48-72 hours for immediate and practical guidance, 

Personalized Guidance

Personalized guidance* on your health options to help you make healthcare choices with confidence

Your Next Steps...

Here's What To Do Next 
"Doc in a Box*" is simply $37.99 per month. That's it. No hidden fees. No secret add-ons. 
My mission is to help as many individuals and families as I can, especially those with chronic illnesses or those seeking health guidance*, jump over the hurdles that most people stumble upon in the healthcare system. 
Just click the button below to subscribe today... 

That said: 
Time Is Of The Essence 

Here's why:

I have only so much time to research, study and answer questions.

That's why I restrict this offer to the first 20 people who purchase it.

So, if you click the button below and it says: "Not available" or similar, please email me and I will add you to the wait list.
People are writing to share how working with Dr. Christine already improved their lives... 
Dalene Allen says, "What a remarkable woman who has such knowledge. In just one 30-minute consultation, I learned so much to improve my health. Looking forward to working with Christine. Thank you!" 
Jakki Brierley-Shorrock says, "Christine is not just very knowledgeable, she is also very passionate about helping people improve their lives through nutrition..." 
Tina McDougall McAulay says, "Not only is Doc Christine incredibly knowledgeable about healthcare and mental health matters, she is kind, caring and very genuine in her desire to help others. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their quality of life!" 
And the list goes on.
But I am not in it to get rich...
So I'm pricing it very modestly for those who act fast. 

If you are among the first 20 people to purchase, you can have it for just $37.99 per month. 

Once my slots are filled, this offer is closed.

This Truly Is A Limited-Time Offer... So Get Your "Doc in a Box" While You Still Can 


I look forward to helping you! 
Dr. Christine Sauer 

Get Your "Doc In A Box*"

Monthly membership

Only 20 Spots available



The membership includes:

  • Unlimited Answers to Your Burning Health Questions*
  • Timely (48-72 hrs) Responses
  • Personalized Guidance

What You Get With Your "Doc In A Box" Subscription

Unlimited* Answers

Unlimited access* to expert medical support and answers for all health questions by email

Timely Responses

Timely responses within 48-72 hours for immediate and practical guidance, 

Personalized Guidance

Personalized guidance* on your health options to help you make healthcare choices with confidence

About Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

Truly Holistic Health and Experience:

"Made in Germany, delivered from Canada!"

Watch Dr.Christine sharing her journey from a successful physician in Germany through the abyss of mental and physical illness and disability  back to vibrant health and a happy life full of passion and purpose!

"It's Never Too Late to Start Living Your Best Life!" - Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND (Ger)
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Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND 

Retired, German-trained Physician and Naturopath

  • Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional
  • Licensed Brain Trainer
  • Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner
  • Gastrointestinal Disease Specialist
  • Dermatologist
  • Allergologist
  • Friendly, Caring, Real, Authentic
  • Knowledge, Research, Science and Experience combined 
  •  Down-To-Earth
  • Combining Science, Medicine, nature and coaching arts

"If You are stuck in a dark place, I want to tell you: There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you, too!" Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND

"If You are stuck in a dark place, I want to tell you: There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you, too!" Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND (Ger), INHC, CBHP
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Short Bio

Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND, grew up in Germany, raised two sons and became a physician.

She worked in her ex-husband's family physician and naturopathic practice and then took a second residency in dermatology, naturopathy, allergology and phlebology. After being board-certified for these specialties she then opened her own practice in Germany, which grew rapidly.

Due to severe back pain, followed by severe depression, she had to give up and sell her medical practice in Germany.

After her ex-husband's death by suicide her sons and herself came to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1997.

She went through a deep health crisis and -  after partially recovering - started actively searching for the newest and best nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, medical, psychological etc. information. She eventually aligned her life with all her knowledge and experience and - utilizing help from other health professionals and supported by her new husband - became healthy again.

After studying and taking multiple courses, (find most of her qualifications and German licenses below), she decided to open her own Weight Loss, Gut Health, Brain and Mental Health Coaching Business to share her knowledge and experience and her unique view of conventional, alternative, functional and integrative medicine as well as her skills and knowledge in personal and character development, habit-forming, inspiration, enthusiasm and love with other people to help them re-build their health from the ground up.

She further educated herself, became a Gastrointestinal Disease Specialist (Dr. Kurt Woeller), a Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional & Coach, Licensed Brain Trainer (by Dr. Daniel Amen MD), joined Dr. Amen's Teaching Team, a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist (a practical variant of NLP created by Dr. Joseph McClendon III, joined his teaching team also), a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner (Drs Ron and Steven Ruden)  Hypnotherapist, cert. Level 1 TEAM Therapist (Dr. David Burns MD - Feeling Great) and is now working to help others overcome their challenges, optimize their Brain Health with her unique "SPARKLE" - System.

Dr. Christine is a prolific writer, bestselling author, course creator, radio and podcast host, engaging speaker and a dedicated team leader, researcher and educator/teacher.

Her private hobbies are cooking, gardening and her dog.

Check out her books on Amazon:

All her books (Author Page)

Co-Author of:


Check out some of Dr. Christine's credentials below!

German Doctorate of Medicine

German License to Practice Medicine

German Naturopath License

Brain and Mental Health Coaching Certificate

Gastrointestinal Disease Mastery Certificate

Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

Neuroencoding Specialist Brain health Mental health

Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist

Dr. Daniel Amen Brain Trainer License

Dr. Daniel Amen Brain Trainer License

Orthomolecular Therapy of Depression

Orthomolecular Therapy of Depression

German Allergology License

German License for Dermatology

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

What Others Say...


Breaking Through Barriers

Christine was able to help me better understand the obstacles in my way. With her practical skills and experience we were able to work together and break through barriers. I am grateful to Christine for her integrated approach to health and wellness.


I Trust Her Fully!

DocChristine is always very helpful and knowledgeable! I trust her fully!

Dwight Tait

very knowledgeable and trustworthy

Christine is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. She will get to the bottom of your health concerns!

Jennifer Goguen

Case Study - Carl - Stomach Issues

A gentleman, let’s call him Carl, came to me after had had had surgery for “diverticulitis” . He wanted to know how to eat better to avoid recurrence and transition from the postoperative low-fiber-diet to a regular diet. We did a complete assessment and enrolled him in my health recommendations program, which provided him with access to specialized testing as well as unlimited email and regular phone support as well as supplement and diet recommendations.

We discovered a food sensitivity at the root of his recurrent stomach issues. After transitioning to his ideal diet he feels well and knows that, if he ever has any issues or questions, where to go for the answers!


Keep up the great work!

Doc Christine you are the best!! I hope more people come too you so you can help them out with there health and wellness keep up the great work ??

Dale Vincent

Case Study - Lucy - Dementia Risk - Brain Health

A 64 year old lady, let’s call her Lucy, consulted me because there were many people with Alzheimer’s dementia in her family. She wanted to know if there are ways to prevent her from falling prey to this devastating illness.

I educated her about the science, that yes, there are ways to reduce the risk of getting it, and how to go about it. We did a complete assessment and she entered in an ongoing personal health recommendations program where I provided her with all the resources, research, customized information, genetic and lab testing and more that helped her asses her own risk, optimize her own brain health and answered all her questions.

She is doing well and no longer scared to face the future.


Case Story - Adam - Cancer - Leukemia

A client, let’s call him Adam for privacy purposes, age 46, had a low-grade fever and stomach pains. He also bruised easily. His physician wasn’t sure what was going on and suggested a wait and see approach. It didn’t get better, and Adam went to the emergency room. In a CT scan they found a big abscess in this abdomen. His white blood cells were high, too, nothing unusual in the case of an abscess.

But after several rounds of antibiotics Adam still had low-grade fevers although the abscess seemed to have disappeared.

His wife brought me a copy of his latest bloodwork, and I saw at once that not only were his white blood cells elevated, but also had an unusual distribution, not fitting with “just” an abscess.

I suggested a bone marrow biopsy to rule out leukemia.

It took a further 3 weeks in the hospital before finally his doctors gave in to his wife’s urges and did a bone marrow biopsy (although they said it would probably be unnecessary…).

The result: Adult leukemia, highly treatable with simple medications.

He is fine now, 3 years later….


Helping us when nobody else was...

Thank you very much for being here, for helping us when nobody else was!

Anna & Andy

Looking forward to working with her...

What a remarkable woman who has such knowledge. In just one 30 minute consultation I learned so much to improve my health. Looking forward to working with Christine. Thank you!

Dalene Allen

Improved my Life and Happiness

Talking to Christine improved my life and happiness. I am now in a loving relationship and healthier than ever before. Christine helped me understand the terms my doctor uses and the diseases I have and how to get as healthy as possible in later life. It is never too late!"68,female


Rare combination of expertise as a healer

Doc Christine has helped me find my way to recovery from a very serious illness that required careful attention to nutrition and lifestyle. In my experience Doc Christine is able to offer a rare combination of expertise as a healer. Her background as a medical doctor, her unique understanding of nutrition and her focus on healing the whole person, mind and body, makes her an exceptional caring and knowledgeable source of support and guidance.

Grant Murray

Loves a Challenge...

Doc Christine has a passion for helping individuals become well and live a holistic life. She loves a challenge and has a variety of tools at her disposal to identify why you may not be feeling well. Doc Christine has a wealth of knowledge from a variety of medical training as well as connections to find you answers.

Charlene Pickrem

Case Study - Emma - Fatigue - "Nothing Wrong" ?

A lady, let’s call her Emma, age 72, felt chronically tired. She went to her family doctor who told her it was her diabetes (that was treated with insulin, leading to constant weight gain…). And she needed to live with it. He did a blood test and told Emma it was “all normal”

She came to me for a Turn-Around-Assessment and Health Recommendations . After reviewing her complete history and all previous lab tests and other tests available, it was obvious that her thyroid was low and she was anemic (low in blood). It showed clearly in her bloodwork. She wondered why the family doctor didn’t say anything about it… I tested her for iodine deficiency (she was deficient) and for stomach acid (it was low). She also was iron- and B12-deficient. I recommended nutritional changes as well as a customized supplement plan. She felt better very soon and started to eat better for her type.


I was one of the lucky ones whom she took the time to get to know...

Christine is a sincerely warm person who just wants to help everyone she meets. I was one of the lucky ones whom she took the time to get to know. She has been helping me regain my health! It is truly an amazing wake up call and I am looking forward to working with her on an ongoing basis. Each day brings me closer to a healthier me!

Cathy Cornelius

I highly recommend Dr. Christine if you are having any health issues...

I was very lucky to work with Dr. Christine as she has helped me very much. She looked at my body as a whole and helped me discover many food allergies that were causing havoc with my life. Dr. Christine also helped with which vitamins and probiotics are the best for my body and now I am living a very healthy life. I am very thankful for meeting Dr. Christine because I am now living a much healthier life. I also like that Dr. Christine checks in with me occasionally to make sure I am doing well. I highly recommend Dr. Christine if you are having any health issues...she will help you figure them out and find a way to make them better.

Rosanna Pelton

Just the Best... you could ever find

Just the best Brain and Mental Health Coach you could ever find!

Claudine Lowry

Case Study - John - Staying Healthy as we get older...

Another of my clients, John, is working at age 72 as a successful engineer. He entered my health advisory program to maintain his health and energy for life and always have one person to hold the strings of his healthcare and wellness together.

I reviewed all previous lab tests, other test results, his travel history and suggested a few extra tests to help assess his health risks.

From there I recommended to him his necessary travel immunizations as well as supplements to take, a customized diet suitable for his age, person and lifestyle and more. He is very happy to know that health recommendations are just an email or phone call away!


A whole different take on things...

Doc Christine is amazing ! Has a whole different take on things and uses her background in family medicine in all she does ! Excellent advice on fixing my skin problems

Karen MacQuarrie

Approachable, down to earth and great...

Christine is not just very knowledgeable, she is also very passionate about helping people improve their lives through nutrition. She coaches people in how to make the right choices for their health alongside making changes to their mindset to ensure they achieve their end goal. Christine is approachable, down to earth and great at what she does.

Jakki Brierley-Shorrock

variety of resources...

Dr. Christine is extremely knowledgeable in a multitude of physical well being practices. She has a variety of resources to assess your physical health. Dr. Christine wants to help you physically feel better so you can focus on being holistically well. Dr. Christine loves a challenge!

Charlene Pickrem

Case Study - Jane - Gut Health - Autoimmune

A 45 year old woman, let’s call her Jane, had been diagnosed with M. Crohn and rheumatoid arthritis, both autoimmune disorders.

She asked for my health recommendations

After our detailed assessment (Turn-Around-Assessment) I suggested a food sensitivity test. In spite of strong medications and even biologics and cortisone pills she still had to run to the washroom 5-10 times daily as well was in constant pain with her joints. She tested positive for 50 different foods. We sorted out what was significant in several consultations. She also turned out to be deficient in magnesium and Vitamin D as well as trace minerals.

After an elimination diet and customized supplementation she felt slowly better and better and in collaboration with her family doctor was able to get off the prednisone. After targeted supplementation and healing her gut microbiome and more she was able to tolerate many of the foods she had to avoid in the beginning. She is still taking biologics (injections), but is no longer chained to the toilet and is pain-free most days.


Changed my Life!

I am so glad I did the Turn-Around-Assessment with Dr. Christine! After years of feeling crappy all day, fatigued, depressed and being unable to sleep and in pain, I finally knew step by step what to do. After following her plan and with her support and accountability for a few months I feel like a new person – energized, happy and 20 years younger! This process truly changed my life.”

Cheryl Ann

Helped me with chronic fatigue

Doc Christine is excellent and helped me with chronic fatigue now I can cycle all the time and not miss out on anything !!

Lee McPhee

its possible to be cured and free...

Struggling from: Depression, Fatigue, Shortness of breath, Chest pain, Joint pain.

Learned more about what everything starts from, and that its possible to be cured and free.


Cynthia Monyatsi

Knows Her Stuff!

Doc Christine knows her stuff ! You should contact her with your health needs

Jeff Brooks

Caring and Helpful...

Christine is the best! She is not just a good friend but a caring and helpful person and my personal health advisor. I love DocChristine!

Cheryl Brandi

Proper advice for whatever ails you...

DocChristine is a wonderful woman! She is so kind and giving of her time. Also, she is extremely knowledgeable in the field of medicine, being both a physician as well as a holistic healer and personal health care advisor. You can trust her to give you the proper advice for whatever ails you. I love DocChristine!!

Cynthia Robson

Kind, Caring and very genuine...

Not only is Doc Christine incredibly knowledgeable about health care and mental health matters, she is kind, caring and very genuine in her desire to help others. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their quality of life!

Tina McDougall McAulay

I Feel Like My Old Young Self Again...

Just wanted to thank you again for your recommendation. I have had this for a very long time and not been able to figure out what it was. I am starting to feel like my old young self again. I am looking forward to more results.


...made my life wonderful...

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Christine and I have to tell you: My life is so different since I met her. She helped me find out what all my food issues were, what my allergies were and has helped me develop a plan to eating properly. I have Crohn’s disease along with some other autoimmune disorders and the pain was just getting worse and worse every day. I was having trouble walking, my joints were sore, my belly was constantly bloated and it turned out that it‘s not all Crohn’s disease. In fact, I am allergic to many different food items and since we have eliminated them, I feel great! I have energy, my stomach is not bloated, in fact, I kind of keep losing weight, which is a great thing and I owe it all to Dr. Christine. She has just made my life wonderful and she can help you, too. I guarantee it!”

Rosanna Pelton

Case Study - Bill - Fibromyalgia - Chronic Pain

A 55-year old man, let’s call him Bill, had been diagnosed at age 11 with “Fibromyalgia”. He was constantly in pain. Over the years his pain got worse and he felt that it was “in his bones”. His family doctor felt it was “all in his head”. As time went on, Bill felt worse and worse and at some point had to give up work. He had trouble getting the disability pension he needed to live.

He consulted me for advice: I did our assessment and noted that he walked hunched over. I asked him if he had recently had an x-ray. He said, not in over 20 years. He had asked repeatedly for an x-ray but the doctor had refused it as “not necessary”. I offered to go with him to his next doctor’s appointment and explained to his family doctor what was going on. He got his x-ray. Eventually he got more x-rays and it was discovered that the poor man was suffering from Bone spurs all over his body which were pinching his nerves and muscles…. No one knows how long that had been the case. He got his disability and is managing his pain with medication, diet, supplements and moderate exercise.


Case Study - Trevor - Mental Health - Anxiety

A 35-year old man, let’s call him Trevor, consulted me about his anxiety. He was scared of touching anything. I provided him with information and supported him in working with his psychotherapist to avoid medication. In addition we addressed his diet and did a urine test to see if he had nutritional deficiencies or metabolic abnormalities that would contribute to his anxiety. As part of my health recommendations we provided him with the resources and a customized meal plan a well as a supplement plan and other recommendation to improve his condition.



  • Why DocChristine?

  • Privacy & Safety

  • Subscription Service FAQs

  • Others

Why should I consider working with You?

Great question!

We think that Dr. Christine's unique qualifications, her over 40 years of experience in healthcare as both a trained physician and naturopath as well as a mental health "patient" makes her the perfect person to assist others wanting to get support for their healthcare journey in a holistic way.

Check out many of her qualifications here:

Shouldn't I Rather Work with my licensed doctor or psychotherapist?

This is up to you. Of course we would never tell you to not follow your physician's or other licensed healthcare provider's advice.

Dr. Christine works with clients who haven't gotten the results they were looking for - in spite of trying and/or using doctors (and mostly medications) and/or counselors.

Is Dr. Christine licensed to treat my Illness?

Dr. Christine was licensed to practice medicine in Germany. 

She is not licensed to practice medicine or anything else in other countries.

She has chosen to work as a Brain & Mental Health Coach for several specific reasons that she explained in this article:

She has always been in good standing with any professional bodies and never violated professional rules.


"Doc in a Box" is an educational and informational service only and does not provide medical diagnoses or treatment of any kind. Please see the disclaimer for details.

Terms and Conditions also apply.