Discover Your Creative Self by Painting - Webinar with Maxine Silva - Portrait Painter and Poet

Ever wondered if you can paint? Just Do It! Learn how to paint a portrait with painter and poet Maxine Silva.

About this Webinar

Maxine Silva is a painter and poet, living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She never thought she could paint, let alone portraits, until one day, while living in India, a friend invited her to a painting workshop. The teacher invited her to paint a portrait and gave her some directions on how to start. To her own surprise and everyone's utter amazement, a wonderful portrait emerged.

Try your hand on painting a portrait and maybe surprise yourself! Paint an image from your imagination or bring a picture of yourself or another person who you want to paint. All you need - besides yourself and an open mind - is a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Colors, crayons, water colors etc. are an asset, but not a must.

Have Fun and get creative! Invite friends and family to watch and paint with you!

Be social (virtually) and enjoy a new hobby!

Maxine's first painting..... You can do it, too. You will never know if you don't try!

Watch the video today, have a break and maybe discover a new hobby!

Want Maxine to paint a portrait for you?

Email her and let her know! [email protected]

Check out Maxine's Website:

This event was proudly presented, produced and sponsored by Dr. Christine Sauer (DocChristine Coaching).

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