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Dr. Christine Sauer on Friday's with Fallon Jordan from the AmenClinic

How Dr. Daniel Amen's Methods Help Her and Her Clients  Live Their Best Lives

Listen to Fallon Jordan, Brain Health Supercoach of the AmenClinic and a survivor of many health issues herself, talk with Dr. Christine Sauer about her own brain health, brain healthy foods, and how Dr. Daniel Amen MD and his methods helped him and her experience seeing her clients change once they apply the methods designed by Dr. Daniel Amen, Founder of the Amenclinic and pioneer of Brain Health and Brain Imaging related to behavior,  to train your brain and heal your mind, relationships, spirit and body.

Dr. Daniel Amen MD is a physician, founder of Amen Clinics and BrainMD, double board certified psychiatrist and twelve-time New York Times bestselling author.

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BONUS Video - Dr. Christine Sauer about My journey and how I became a Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional, Brain Trainer and Brain Health Coach with Dr. Daniel Amen MD

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Listen below to Dr. Christine and Fallon Jordan, Amen University Community & Curriculum Director and Brain Health Licensed Trainer with Dr. Daniel Amen MD talk about Dr. Christine's Story, how she incorporated Brain Health in her Life, how it improved her life and how she is now helping others thrive and optimize their brain, using Dr. Amen's teachings and Dr. Joseph McClendon III's Neuroencoding Methods.

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About the author

Dr. Christine Sauer

Dr. Christine Sauer is a German-trained physician and naturopath, a Certified Brain Health Professional and Brain Trainer (Dr. Daniel Amen MD) as well as a gastrointestinal disease specialist, working as a Holistic Health & Life Coach and Educator.
Her own struggles with chronic pain, weight loss, and mental health
issues have led her to dedicate her life to improving the overall health, gut health and the brain/mental health of others and enabling them to drop unwanted pounds, improve their parenting skills, overcome ADHD (develop laser-focus) and even grow their business - all with natural means, using strategies based in neuroscience combined with her own quirkiness, sense of humor, common-sense, love and care.
She wrote #1 bestselling books, speaks on stages (incl. a TEDx Talk) and lectures on these topics. She also coaches individuals, groups, and families. and teaches teenager on ourschool. As “The Doctor Who Knows How You Feel” she is known to make a lasting impression and positive difference in the lives of her clients, friends and followers. Main website:

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