DocChristine's Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Many of you will have a few medications or supplements to go to when they feel "off" or have a little ailment like a cold coming on, diarrhea, or a bout of constipation, a bit of a headache or feel anxious and nervous sometimes. 

That's why I created this blog where I will introduce you to my top 5 go-to's in these areas (for adults)!

But please heed this warning:

Supplements, even completely natural supplements, are not always harmless. So, if you are under a doctor's care, have any serious illness, re pregnant or breastfeeding, take prescription drugs, or have allergies, please ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any nutritional supplements. And if your "little ailment" is not better or gone within 3 days or gets worse rapidly, please see your doctor immediately or go to the Emergency Room!

1. Common cold / Flu

A cold is coming on...

You know the feeling... One evening you feel a bit achy, have muscle pains, maybe a bit of a sore throat, a few sneezes.  You know that in the morning you will wake up with a full-blown cold.

Here is what I do myself and many of my friends and customers have found useful. A supplement called Cold-Pro. Take 2 cps at the first sign of a cold and that is often all you need. You can take up to 2 cps four times a day if you already have a will still help but not as much as when taken at the first sign.

Read HERE A bit more about this...

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2. Diarrhea (of any kind)

It's no fun. You suddenly feel the stomach cramps, the bowels are gurgling and you need to run - fast. And for the next day or so you are chained to the toilet.....

Here is my go-to for that. I choose not to use the conventional "standard" treatment called Loperamide (brand name Imodium). It works fast, true, but it works by paralyzing the bowel so if there are any toxins in you they stay in longer. The only situation where I would use it if I need immediate relief, e.g. while travelling in a plane....

Otherwise the supplement I used extensively with my patients in Germany and which I recommend here, whether it is to prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea, traveler's diarrhea, "food poisoning', or another type, it nearly always works. 

The ingredient is a probiotic yeast (yes, not all yeasts are bad!), so it doesn't get affected by antibiotics like regular probiotic bacteria. It has the terrible name Saccharomyces boulardii.... (or S.boulardii). And it even helps to fight "bad" yeasts like Candida albicans.

You want to take two 5 Billion cfu cps or one 10Billion cfu cps at every liquid bowel movement. To prevent, take one 5 Billion cfu cps three times daily.

3. Constipation

You have the opposite problem? Occasional constipation? No worries, that can be solved, too.

There are 5 rules for constipation: 

  • A: Eat more fiber 
  • B: Drink more water
  • C: Move more
  • D: Increase Vitamin C intake to 2g (2000mg) per day  
  • E: Increase Magnesium citrate or oxide intake 

Start with A-C and if still needed, use D and E. The side effects of Vitamin C and Magnesium oxide or citrate supplementation can be diarrhea.... That's why it is ideal to take it when you are constipated... Increase "to bowel tolerance". (But behold the warning above!)

Here is a resource you can use, my instructions for an all-natural laxative (works even if you take opioids like Tylenol#3) with a list of fiber-rich foods.

4. Pain

My go-to for an occasional headache or a bit of sore muscles or other aches and pains we sometimes feel:

An all-natural supplement called Pain-Pro.

I take 2 cps (instead of taking Tylenol/acetaminophen, Aspirin, Ibuprofen or other NSAIDS). I find it works just as good.


5. Anxiety

 Occasional Anxiety, Panic or Nervousness?

I wrote a whole blog post about what you can do. 

Check it out by clicking on this link. 

 In it I mention the natural neurotransmitter supplement GABA (Gamma - Amino - Butyric Acid) and tell you how to use it. 

Now here you have  it. My Medicine Cabinet Essentials for occasional ailments.

These are all supplements that you ought to have home, so go ahead, click on the images, and buy them so you have them available if need arises!