This vegetable soup is perfect for a cold winter day - or just any day. vary it by adding other vegetables to your liking, different herbs and spices...


             1/2    cup/s                                              cooked chicken, beef, or lentils

                1    each                                               leek/s, chopped (see notes)

                1    each                                               onion, chopped

                2    cups                                               green cabbage, chopped

                3    ea, each                                         carrots, chopped

                2    ea, each                                         celery stalks, chopped

                1    cup                                                 turnip (rutabaga), chopped

                1    cup                                                 can and diced tomatoes

                1    dash                                               thyme, dried

                2    ea, each                                          bay leaf/leaves

                1    handful                                          fresh parsley, preferably flat-leaf/Italian, finely chopped

                7    cup/s                                              chicken, beef or vegetable broth/stock

                3    clove/s                                           garlic, minced/chopped

                2    Tbsp, tablespoon/s                      avocado oil


 use cooked, diced chicken or beef meat or even crumbled ground beef. Lentils are great for a vegetarian


use canned diced tomatoes

Cut all veggies in mouth-sized chunks.

Cook onion, garlic and leeks ~5 min in lg. stockpot in avocado oil (or other good fat)

Add the rest of the vegetables as well as the chicken, beef or vegetable broth, thyme and bay leaf.

Boil and simmer about 20 min or until vegetables are soft. Take out the bay leaf.

Add the chopped fresh parsley and season with salt and pepper.


Note: How to prepare leeks:

Cut wilted parts of the green tops off.

Cut top part of leeks four times to split the large leaves, but keep the stalk together.

Wash the tops in clean water very thoroughly. Leeks tend to hold on to dirt inside the leaves of the green part.

Then chop all parts, including the green parts and use.

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