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Dr. Christine Sauer

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Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND (Ger), INHC, CBHP

"Made in Germany" - Living in Canada

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This is how I went through my "dark night of the soul" - lost everything and then re-built and reclaimed my life! If you relate and feel inspired, click the button and connect with me over a friendly "virtual cup of coffee or tea"!


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At DocChristine, 
  • We are helping you to truly start living your best life
  • By integrating conventional, alternative, naturopathic and functional medicine
  • I am REAL. Down-to-Earth, I tell it as it is.
  • "Made in Germany", Living in Canada and Loving it!
  • At the Intersection of Science and Nature

Would you like to have a friendly and informal "Virtual Cup of Coffee and Tea"  with me and talk about what's on your mind these days?

I am here for you. I am listening. Don't go this alone. 

There really is a light at the end of the tunnel! (and it is not a freight train!!!)

It's NEVER Too Late To Live Your Best Life!

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  • Dreaming of a Better Life?

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Humanizing Homelessness

Humanizing Homelessness – with Adina Lichtman

Dr. Christine Sauer and Adina Lichtman talk about how she met new neighbors and founded a charity giving socks to homeless individuals while studying at NYU.
Knock, Knock, Give a Sock is a non-profit that focuses on humanizing homelessness one sock at a time by collecting socks for those experiencing homelessness while also building relationships between neighbors. Adina runs KKGS full time, and when she is not busy collecting socks, she fills her time hosting Shabbat dinners, painting and talking to strangers.
To learn more and donate: https://knockknockgiveasock.org/

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June 16, 2021


June 15, 2021


June 12, 2021


May 30, 2021


April 30, 2021


April 16, 2021


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