Are You living a life full of Energy, Purpose and Passion?

Or Are you tired all the time, or even worse, sad and feeling blue?

heal chronic fatigue, tired, depression

If you are not feeling your absolute best, let me help you to get there! 

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Unique Experience

The Brain Doctor

 Who KNOWS how You Feel!

She has been there...

DocChristine has overcome mental and physical illness herself!

Comprehensive Training

DocChristine is a German-trained and board-certified conventional and naturopathic doctor, dermatologist, allergist, gastrointestinal disease specialist and a certifed brain health coach and integrative nutrition health coach....

About DocChristine

Our Mission at DocChristine is to educate and inspire people to get and stay healthy and well and give them direct and practical help to achieve lasting health and wellness.

YOU are the specialist for your own body. We are consultants showing you the way. We care, educate, challenge and hold accountable so YOU can reach your goal to live your best life.

Our promise: We strive to deliver excellence and value and give hope and accountability to our clients as well as find new ways to help them find their way to all-round wellness, grow as a person and live healthy, with passion and purpose.

Dr Christine Sauer DocChristine
Jennifer Doc Christine

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