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Are you tired of being tired?

DocChristine will help put some bounce in your step.

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Are you itching for relief?

DocChristine has the answer that you are scratching for.

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Are you spending too much time on the toilet?

DocChristine will get your stomach happy again!

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Flu Survival Kit

Better than the flu shot.

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Why DocChristine?

DocChristine is a German-trained, board-certified medical and naturopathic doctor, a nutritionist, and a certified health coach. DocChristine specializes in Dermatology (Skin and autoimmune diseases), allergies, and chronic fatigue.

Your success is a team effort! If DocChristine can’t help you get better, her fee is waived (*conditions apply).

DocChristine’s clients choose her for her trusted and proven advice.

DocChristine’s services are 100% private and confidential.