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Is Chronic Fatigue robbing you of quality family time and productive work?

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Feeling tired all the time? Does chronic fatigue wear you out? Would you like to learn how to get your energy back?

It isn’t as easy as saying drink more coffee, sleep more, and work less. You tried that already and it didn’t work! Maybe you even have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or chronic Fatigue Syndrome and told to learn to live with it?

DocChristine will help you find that recipe to youthful energy once again!

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Why DocChristine?

DocChristine is a German-trained, board-certified medical and naturopathic doctor, an expert health planner and a certified health coach.

Her education and professional designations coupled with her personal experience with chronic fatigue led her to create the Build Your Ultimate Health Program, a transformative journey and experience and a perfect balance of science and nature.

Let her help you get your energy back and all the benefits that come with your new approach to life and food.

Yes, this process can be fun, and the food tastes great, too!

DocChristine – Dedicated to Your Good Health.

What DocChristine’s Clients Say

woman scratching itch on her arm

Are you itching for relief?

DocChristine has the answer that you are scratching for.

woman clenching her sides while sitting on toilet

Are you spending too much time on the toilet?

DocChristine will get your stomach happy again!

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