Peer Support to Address Depression at Work

Depression is a major issue and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Additionally, many of our workplaces are failing to promote well being and support people living with depression. Depression can be a very serious illness that should be treated with care, especially in the workplace.

There are many methods to help treat depression, including antidepressants, exercise, nutrition, and so on. If you are looking for a proven way to reverse depression, I invite you to watch my new masterclass that will teach you how I do this for my clients. But how exactly can you reduce the impact of depression in the workplace? How do peer support and peer specialists help address depression in the workplace?

1. What Are Peer Support Specialists?

One of the best ways to help optimize employee well being is through peer support. Specifically, peer support specialists. So what exactly is a peer support specialist? Well basically, they are individuals with lived experience 6 Peer Supporthaving mental health conditions who receive training to support others.

Additionally, they help inspire hope, offer tools, and connect people to relevant resources. Peers offer hope through their own stories, as they have also struggled with mental health. Moreover, they reduce some of the barriers and confusing components of connecting to mental health services and offer one-on-one support from someone who has been there.

2. What Do Peer Specialists Do?

So peers help promote employee well being, but what exactly does a peer support specialist do? They play a few different roles when it comes to employee well being. This includes:

  • Help peers create individual service plans based on recovery goals and steps to achieve those goals
  • Use recovery-oriented tools to help their peers address challenges
  • Assist others to build their own self-directed wellness plans
  • Support peers in their decision-making
  • Set up and sustain peer self-help and educational groups
  • Offer a sounding board and a shoulder to lean on…and more!

Basically, peer specialists help foster hope for recovery. A peer specialist helps assist their peers in gaining information and support from the community to make their goals a reality. It’s important to keep in mind that peer specialist training and certification requirements are determined on a state-by-state basis.

The Peer Support For Workplace Depression Takeaway

All in all, peer support is a great way to help encourage employee well being. Peer support specialists are a key component of the present and future of mental health services and supports and will be critical for employers who want to keep and sustain a good workforce.

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Dr. Christine Sauer

Dr. Christine Sauer, MD, ND is a German-trained, retired conventional as well as naturopathic physician, a Certified Brain, and Mental Health Coach and a Nutrition, Supplementation, Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Expert. Through her own journey from the successful owner of a large medical practice in Germany through the abyss of mental and physical illness to complete recovery, she discovered her unique process, combining education, life and health coaching, to help her clients to "Recover Your Sparkle", to achieve lasting peace, joy, and 5-dimensional health. Her mission is to be a beacon for love, joy, and peace in this scary world. Her hobbies are science, learning new things, cooking, gardening, and her husband and dog.
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