Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions? How to Make Them Last!


by Dr. Christine Sauer

What are your goals/resolutions for the New Year? Do you even make New Year’s Resolutions?

Afraid of New Year’s Resolutions Meltdown?

Do you want to

  • Lose weight?
  • Eat better?
  • Get fit?
  • Be more patient?
  • Improve your relationship?
  • Get out of debt?
  • Make more money?

All of those… and more?

Let me help you to achieve your goals for good!

How many of them are the same you set last year? And soon gave up on?

You probably heard about setting SMART Goals:

  • S- Specific (e.g. Lose 20 lbs)
  • M- Measurable (step on the scale once a week)
  • A_ Achievable (0.5-1.5 lbs per week is achievable, right?)
  • R- Realistic – 1 lbs per week is realistic (e.g. 10 lbs per week is not)
  • T- timely  (e.g. until the end of May – 20 weeks)

So that sounds great, right? Then why doesn’t it work?

Here’s the truth: SMART goals suck! Why?

They are not necessarily connected to your vision and purpose in life.  They are not connected to the deeper feelings we have that make life worth living.

They don’t consider negative feelings and thoughts you may have about losing weight (It’s too hard, I can’t eat anything good anymore….)

Imagine your life with those goals achieved! Wouldn’t it be great?

So what can you do?

Join me in one of my upcoming workshops to find out! I will not only explain how to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, but also walk you through the process!

You will get worksheets and explanations and more so you can succeed finally in 2018 – guaranteed!

And it’s FREE!


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