10 (-13) Hidden Issues that may be causing you to feel “blue”


Last week, in part 1, we talked about the first 5 hidden causes of depression.

Here are the other 5 – well, for good measure I included 8! I like to over-deliver…

6. Chronic Infections can cause depression

As your immune system fights off invading germs, like bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, it also releases cytokines. These are proteins which inflame the body and brain, interfere with concentration, drain your energy,

and contribute to depression, heart disease and dementia.

7. Chronic Allergies and Sensitivities

Allergies and Sensitivities are states when the natural reaction to a food or other stimulus – leads to a vicious circle of immune reaction and inflammation. These lead – like chronic infection – to a constant inflamed state of the body, which in turn leads to “degenerative” diseases like depression, heart disease, diabetes, dementia and more.

8. Disruption of the Gut Microbiome

If your gut bacteria are disturbed, the bacteria cannot produce nutrients and neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that they normally would produce.

(You may have heard the saying “The Gut is Your Second Brain” – It is!

the causes of depression an a disturbed gut microbiome can be medications, antibiotics, (and there are often antibiotics in conventional food – like glyphosate (an antibiotic!)), infections by certain bacteria and certain yeasts (best known are Candida albicans), parasites and more.

In addition, the chronic inflammation caused by this dys-biosis leads to a condition called leaky gut and through this mechanism can cause food allergies and even autoimmune diseases over time.

9. Lack of Sufficient Sleep

Sleep is essential for our well-being. If sleep is continually short-changed or disrupted, our whole organism including important hormonal feed-back mechanisms, is “out of whack”. If possible, schedule every day at least 8 hours of un-interrupted sleep time. So if you need to get up at 6 am, go to bed no later than 10 pm.

Blue light from electronic devices like cell phones can disrupt our “sleep timer” too, so turn off all electronics at least 1-2 hours before bedtime


10. Lack of Sufficient Movement

Our bodies are meant to be moved throughout the day. Our ancestors walked, sat, ran, jumped, lifted etc. and more whatever the daily routine necessitated.

Today’s sedentary lifestyle is very unhealthy and leads not only to chronic back pain, increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, obesity and more, but can also lead to depressed mood.

So get up an move throughout the day. You don’t need organized exercise to stay moving, especially if you are active throughout the day, but it sure makes it more fun.


All addictions, but nowadays especially Social Media and Video Game addiction as well as “cyber-bullying” is getting rampant among younger people and certainly leads to reduced attention span, sitting too much, overeating and lack of proper mental stimulation and real worthy purpose. This all sadly contributes to more and more depression and even suicides among our young people. It is easier to say hurtful things on Facebook or via email than in person. So if you are a parent, limit kids “screentime”. Cell phones emit much electomagenetic smog, which has been linked with increased risk of brain tumors in exposed brain areas… Another reason to limit the “smart”phone use.


Is your head spinning yet?

Constant Stress at work and in your personal life, whether financial, relationship, professional, environmental and more, produces inflammation in your body and wreaks havoc with your long-term health. It disrupts sleep, hormonal balance and often leads to over-eating of “comfort foods”

Long-term Stress leads to burn-out, “adrenal fatigue” – chronic fatigue and depressed mood.

EXTRA: Lack of Purpose and Passion

Lack of Purpose and Passion are rampant in our western world, especially among seniors, who often live day by day doing more or less nothing, but also in kids who do not get age-adequate tasks that fulfils this primary human need.

We as human beings need to be loved, cared for, needed and acknowledged. Volunteer Work or humanitarian work can fulfil this purpose. We all need something we can get excited about. Ask someone what she/he would do if there were no restrictions – financially, health-wise etc – their dream in life –  and see their eyes light up and smiles come back when talking about it!

What can you do to help? Read about ways to beat depression and boost your mood

What’s to note:

Get the advice of an experienced health coach,  nutritionist, dietician, doctor or pharmacist to get help for your individual situation.

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