Beat Depression

Exercise, eating right, and keeping your brain engaged are vital when it comes staying health. This applies to your mind as well. However, it can be difficult to do these things when you don’t have energy or motivation.

After all, depression alters the brain’s chemistry in a way that reduces a person’s energy level, lowers motivation, reduces the ability to sustain attention, and heightens the perception of pain. So what’s the solution? Here are a few tips that help you boost your brain and beat depression.

1. Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can wreak havoc on your body, and your brain. Insomnia and sleep apnea have been shown to reduce brain function, which can contribute to depression. Treatment of insomnia and sleep apnea can help reverse the damage done to the brain and lead to dramatic improvements in brain function and help you to finally beat depression.

Getting a good amount of sleep can help keep depression at bay and keep your body healthy. So make sure to get proper amounts of sleep each night, or get treatment for any sleep disorders.

2. Get Active

There is no doubt that exercise is good for both your body and brain. However, recent studies have shown that exercise can also grow the hippocampus and improve brain function.

Additionally exercise is a mood booster making it a great tool to help fight depression. However, those who suffer from depression often find exercise a bit physically and mentally daunting. So rather than jump into a vigorous exercise routine, it’s best to start small. Start with talking a short walk a few days a week, then slowly increase it over time.

3. Eat Right

Eating right should be a top priority, especially if you suffer from depression. Eating the right foods can help you feel more emotionally resilient and lessen the effect stress has on your mood. But how exactly Healthy food including lean meats low fat milk whole grains and vegetablesdoes eating right help you fight depression?

Well in short, eating the right foods provides the nutrients your body needs to fight off inflammation in your brain, which often leads to depression. Foods like dark leafy greens, berries, avocados, and tomatoes should be on the top of your list.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a great way to de-stress and get your body back in order. In fact, meditation has been shown to help in the treatment of depression and has also been shown to boost brain function, even in healthy people.

You can look for a class, do it alone, or ask a friend to meditate with you. Begin with just a few minutes of meditation or calm breathing a day and then work your way up to 20 minutes, several times a week. You can also try restorative exercises like yoga or tai chi, both are great depression fighting exercises.

How To Beat Depression Takeaway

In addition to medication, depression can be treated by making small changes in your lifestyle. It’s important to recognize that every tiny step they take makes a real, measurable difference in their brain health. Even something as simple as a 5 minute walk can make a world of a difference

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Dr. Christine Sauer

Dr. Christine Sauer, MD, ND is a German-trained, retired conventional as well as naturopathic physician, a Certified Brain, and Mental Health Coach and a Nutrition, Supplementation, Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Expert. Through her own journey from the successful owner of a large medical practice in Germany through the abyss of mental and physical illness to complete recovery, she discovered her unique process, combining education, life and health coaching, to help her clients to "Recover Your Sparkle", to achieve lasting peace, joy, and 5-dimensional health. Her mission is to be a beacon for love, joy, and peace in this scary world. Her hobbies are science, learning new things, cooking, gardening, and her husband and dog.
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