Is it “All in Your Head” – or Something Else like Lyme Disease??

For more than five years doctors treated my client Hannah (name changed for privacy) for depression.

They repeatedly dismissed the then 14-year-old’s concerns, believing she was just desperate for attention, depressed and anxious.

Hannah was plagued by rashes, migraines, aching joints, fatigue and low mood.

But despite being told by different “specialists” it was “all in her head”, she knew something was seriously wrong.

A neurologist tried to solve the teenager’s mystery condition with drugs, including antidepressants, drugs for anxiety and migraine pain relief.

When she came to me, it was obvious that something else could be going on.

After my 360°-assessment and a few more tests, it was clear: She was battling Lyme disease!tick, lyme disease

And Hannah, like many others, couldn’t remember being bit by a tick…

Although she had a rash, joint pain and fatigue, Hannah was just referred to see a therapist, fearing she was depressed but wasn’t admitting it.

It was only years later, when she was 18, that tests revealed that she had Lyme disease.

If left untreated, the disease can lead to multiple symptoms, eventually leading to disability, even a loss of motor and sensory function – a form of paralysis.

Hannah’s relief at finally having an answer soon gave way to facing her new reality and struggling to accept it.

Relief !?

“At first I was so relieved to be able to show all those who didn’t believe that I was sick, that I was right”,


Hannah said, “I’m a very strong person, but when you have so many people – many you loved – ignoring you and putting you down, of course you start to believe it”.

“You lose yourself and any self-esteem you may have had. It’s abuse, point blank, and it’s wrong.”

“With my diagnosis came a huge amount of grief and loss,” Hannah recalled.

At least now, we can address the root causes and work on restoring her health.


What is Lyme disease?


It’s a bacterial infection by Borrelia burgdorferi spread by ticks. Ticks also may carry other diseases, like Babesiosis or Ehrlichiosis…

As with many chronic conditions, the earlier it is caught the better, making it easier to treat.

It can be hard to diagnose, but signs may include:

  • a telltale rash – a circular rash around a tick bite, that appears up to three months after being bitten and lasts for several weeks. Most rashes appear within four weeks
  • not everyone gets the rash
  • many develop flu-like symptoms
  • a high temperature
  • headaches
  • muscle and joint pain
  • tiredness and a loss of energy

Most tick bites are harmless, but it’s important to be aware and know how to safely remove the insects.

Ticks that cause Lyme disease are found all over North America and Europe. They tend to lurk on high grass or bushes and let themselves drop on the host.

What to do if you are bit by a tick: With a pair of tweezers, carefully pull our the tick straight from the skin until it lets go. Take care not to squeeze the body. There are special tick tweezers available, but you can use any tweezer.tick, ticks, lyme disease

I recommend to put a tick that you removed after it has bitten you on a sheet of white paper and cover it with clear plastic tape. Add the date when you removed the tick and the location on your or your loved one’s body where it bit you. Then put the sheet of paper in an envelope and keep it. This way if you develop symptoms that could be Lyme disease, the tick can be later analyzed.




“You never know what someone is hiding behind his or her smile,” Hannah said.

“I wish people would recognise how far a little act of support or kindness really goes.”

“No one should have to go through an illness alone, and I was one of those people at times”

“I was given this crazy life for a reason and Lyme disease has given me a purpose to spread awareness and make a difference”.

What you can do

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DocChristine is a German-trained, conventional as well as naturopathic physician, family doctor, board-certified (Germany) as a dermatologist, allergist, and naturopath. She is now working as a nutritionist and a certified integrative nutrition health coach.

Her teammate, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Jennifer, specializes in guiding you to a well-balanced bio-individual nutrition and helps you to optimize your brain health and general health, lose weight and more.


As Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches, we know how to guide people to the right decisions to re-build their health from the ground up.

DocChristine is trained in root-cause and bio-individual medicine and can help you find the real causes of your symptoms and give you directions and support to reverse your depression, chronic fatigue and other chronic illnesses, even if you need to continue taking conventional medications and can’t make drastic changes to diet and lifestyle.


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About the author

Dr. Christine Sauer

Dr. Christine Sauer, MD, ND is a German-trained, retired conventional as well as naturopathic physician, a Certified Brain, and Mental Health Coach and a Nutrition, Supplementation, Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Expert. Through her own journey from the successful owner of a large medical practice in Germany through the abyss of mental and physical illness to complete recovery, she discovered her unique process, combining education, life and health coaching, to help her clients to "Recover Your Sparkle", to achieve lasting peace, joy, and 5-dimensional health. Her mission is to be a beacon for love, joy, and peace in this scary world. Her hobbies are science, learning new things, cooking, gardening, and her husband and dog.
She is also an international #1 bestselling author, TEDx speaker, mentor and trainer for other coaches and a loving human being!

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