100% Whole-Wheat Bread - Delicious - And Easier to Make Than You Think

whole wheat bread 500x500

This recipe makes the best tasting bread you ever made yourself. With a bit of preparation it's easy and fast. More crumbly than bought bread, because it is way lower in gluten and non-GMO....

What's so special About it?

  • I use only organic, non-GMO whole wheat from an old variety (grown locally for over 140 years without genetic modifications)
  • The flour is fermented overnight with (organic, grass-fed) yogurt and yeast
  • The bread is baked the next day in 2 easy steps... Not much kneading required.

Most gluten-sensitive (not celiac!) people can eat this...

But it does contain gluten, dairy and yeast...

Watch how I make it

whole wheat bread 500x500

Tell us below what you think! Did you try it? How did it turn out?