How to Manage Mental Health and Stress

A Practical Guide – Not Just For Entrepreneurs

This is the recording of a live webinar by DocChristine Coaching in Collaboration with the Happy Neighborhood Project. Check them out!

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This well-received webinar will leave you, too, feel inspired and excited to Start Living YOUR Best Life!

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Want to Feel Better, Get Healthier

and Work Smarter? 

Learn how to do that by optimizing your brain and utilizing neuroscience tools and hacks.

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About DocChristine Coaching

Dr. Christine is the founder of DocChristine Coaching. As a Certified Holistic Brain and Mental Health Trainer and Professional, a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist, a "Mental Health Thriver", she is an expert in designing Strategies to Help People to Feel Better and Get Healthier by Optimizing their Brain and Mental Health.

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