All Is One – With Dr. Alan Simberg

Listen to Dr. Christine and Dr. Alan Simberg talk about mental and physical health, how they go together and what we all can do to improve our general health and live to the fullest.

Dr. Alan Simberg has a PhD in Counseling Psychology and is a Licensed Marriage and family therapist and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. He has many additional certifications including one in applied nutrition, dream builder coach and life mastery consultant.

He follows a practical and straightforward approach to develop strategies that are intended to provide the fullest, quickest and longest lasting results possible.

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The phrase “all is one” has generally been associated with spiritual principles.

However, this phrase can also be applied to your overall health. Optimal mental, physical and spiritual functioning are interdependent upon each other.

In addition, the degree of challenge that you have in one or more of these areas can have an unwanted effect on your ability to manage stress in the following life areas:  work; relationship, health, time and money freedom.

To elaborate further on this idea think of each health and life area as a link in a chain. Having the strongest links possible in your health and life areas will provide you with the best health and life area satisfaction possible.

To further explain the relationship of the “all is one” idea with the concept of interdependent functioning between overall health and your life areas,  let’s consider a possible way of viewing the difference between a traditional approach and a complementary or non-traditional approach to health.

The traditional approach utilizes someone’s verbalized symptoms, performs a physical examination and orders blood work and/or lab tests to be able to identify a disease and then, when considered appropriate, may recommend traditional medical treatment and may also prescribe medication.

A non-traditional or complimentary practitioner also utilizes someone’s, verbalized symptoms, performs a physical examination and orders blood work and/or lab tests.

However, this practitioner’s main objective is to identify the underlying cause(s) of imbalance, not disease, in the individual’s system and to recommend nutritional and lifestyle changes to bring the body into better balance, also known as health.

Of course, traditional medical treatment including medication is also prescribed when deemed necessary. Simply put the traditional view of disease is according to the non-traditional or complimentary view being out of balance or being imbalanced.

The numerous approaches and guidelines regarding health tend to make choosing the best one for you quite challenging.

This is something I have struggled with sometimes and involved a lot of “trial and error” experiences.

At this point in my life I have come to the conclusion that each of us has to decide what approach is best.

Here is my answer to the question, “How do I decide what is the best approach and guideline for me”?

Find a functional medicine practitioner who will order the blood work and any other tests that will help you to identify the underlying cause(s) to your symptoms and complaints.

This doctor will also give you nutritional guidelines to follow. I

t is important to remember that you are in charge of you and, gather as much information as possible then trust your judgement.

For example, If someone suggests that you eat grains and you have some kind of reaction including not feeling well and/or bloating when you eat grains don’t eat them.

And consult with your practitioner to determine why eating grains produces any symptoms.

Following basic nutritional and lifestyle guidelines will give you the best chance for having optimal health and the greatest satisfaction in all of your life areas.

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