The Surprising Root Causes Causes of Obesity 

5-Dimensional Health and 5D Holistic Weight Loss

Why are people overweight? And why can’t we just lose weight and keep it off? What really is the root cause of obesity and all the miseries that comes with it – and also as long-term consequences?

These are questions I hear all the time. I understand, because I asked myself the same questions years ago, when I was still 150 lbs overweight and depressed myself.

Here is a bit about what I learned in the years past about the root causes of obesity and about holistic weight loss…

When I used not only my training as a physician, a naturopath, and many more certifications and courses and doing much research, but then integrated it with my own life experience and that of my many patients and clients, I found that we often see health, and especially mental health, just from one dimension.

Physicians, tend to give medications in an aim to influence mainly the physical dimension

Psychologists, e.g. therapists, psychotherapists, counselors etc, try to influence the mental dimension

Clergy, Energy Healers, Spiritual Counselors etc. work mostly in the spiritual dimension

Social Workers, Family and Friends, Community Activities, Governments and many others attempt to influence our social dimension and well-being

Employment Counselors, Business Organizations, Employers, Business Coaches, Financial analysts, investment counselors, and many others try to help in the financial dimension.

We at DocChristine Coaching help around all these areas, by providing targeted strategies for each when it comes to recovery from chronic obesity and yoyo dieting.

Obesity and Brain Health

I was fortunate to learn from one of the best, Dr. Daniel Amen MD, who wrote the blockbuster book, a multiple New York Times  bestseller: “Change Your Brain, Change your Life” – and has done groundbreaking research on brain imaging related to behaviour. this research has led to the development of truly amazing and life-changing educational courses (check them out here)

We need to consider the physical functioning of the brain – and all 5 dimensions of health influence the brain structure and function – to be able to successfully eliminate most or all root causes of obesity and finally lose all the weight we need to feel great and stay well.

The overall functioning of your brain determines the quality of your decisions and these in turn determine your success in weight loss, relationships, life and work.

Most of us are not aware,  that every moment, by everything you do, you are changing your brain – and changing your life – for the better or the worse...?

Neuroplasticity does not mean some abstract, complicated or weird process, but it means that your brain adapts to all you do and changes itself constantly.

So Here Is The Good News:

You Are In Control Of Your Brain And Your Life

If you eat a donut, your brain changes. If you choose a salad, your brain changes again.

Your choices in all areas determine the trajectory of your life – for the better or the worse.

Only if we address and solve issues in all 5 Dimensions of Health and Wellness – and really, life as a whole, can we be successful in life – whatever success may mean to us.

We need to strategically achieve 5D Wellness, find the true root causes of your extra pounds accumulating, then address all issues in each of those areas.

Not just try this approach, try that – whatever we see on google, what’s “in” in our circle, what our busy eye spots in a magazine or what a friend or colleague tells us “will work”.

What are the 5 dimensions of health?

The Root Causes of Obesity are Found in

the 5 Dimensions of Health…

Click on one of the Tabs to see more about each dimension…

When you consider the complexity of obesity, food, nutrition, eating habits and life, it is obvious that a one-size-fits all approach will not truly help overweight people lose weight, keep it off and thrive.

There is no ONE-Size-fits-all-approach to Holistic Weight Loss success

You probably noticed by now that there can be no one approach that fits everyone who is overweight.

What is needed, is a comprehensive, strategic, truly holistic root-cause medicine approach like the one I attempt in my simple, but effective 5-step program for Brain-Driven Holistic Weight Loss and lasting recovery from obesity and all its complications – as well as food addictions and emotional eating.

Learn more about what this system could mean for you…

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Dr. Christine is the founder of DocChristine Coaching. As a Certified Holistic Brain and Mental Health Trainer and Professional, a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist, a "Mental Health Thriver", she is an expert in designing Strategies to Help People to Feel Better and Get Healthier by Optimizing their Brain and Mental Health.

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