Positive Tiger Parenting with Love and Logic 

How to Raise Your Child to Be a Genius and Sparkle!

– a conversation with Professional British nanny and Parenting Coach Chinara Crumpton

This show is on how to become your best as a parent, and about practical strategies to help your children to grow up to be successful, well adjusted adults.

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Positive Parenting is Hard. 

Most parents want to do it right. But what is the best parenting style? What is the best parenting strategy?

How can we make sure that our children know that they are loved at all times – while still enforcing reasonable rules and managing the inevitable conflict in a positive way?

In this show, Chinara explains how through her extensive experience of parenting other people’s children as a professional nanny and seeing many different situations – she is able to combine the positives of both worlds in her variant of “Positive Tiger Parenting” – with Love and Logic.

She combines the Eastern Approach  (Very authoritative Tiger Parenting) and the Western qpproach (sometimes too permissive “democratic” parenting) and refined it to a method that results in very successful, happy, emotionally resilient and healthy adults.

And this, even if there are challenges, like ADHD, ADD, ASD or other so-called :dis-abilities”

In Chinara’s eyes, every child can raise to live in its “Genius Zone”.

Get her best 10 Parenting Secrets below…

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