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"Sparkles 4 Mental Health"

Share your experiences, your story of struggle and success and your learnings, tools and SPARKLES!

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About the Podcast "Sparkles 4 Mental Health"

This show is all about mental health and personal growth. 

"Sparkles" are kind and caring women and men who want to want to get from feeling alone, sad, frustrated and discouraged to feeling amazing and getting the Sparkle back in their eyes.

We will support you, celebrate your successes with you. Practical tips and tricks to help you reach your goals, overcome fears, procrastination and mental blocks, feel healthy and well, be successful at work and in life and so much more...

With local and international guests as well as additional content.

Deep discussions about topics around life.

Personal stories of struggle and success, background information, education and inspiration for personal growth, health and wellness.

 Delivered in an uplifting and sometimes fun way.

 Our Motto is: "If you are stuck in a dark place, don't give up! There is a light at the end of the tunnel for you, too".

Let's Sparkle Together and Create - FIREWORKS!

Who is an ideal podcast guest?

Someone open to discussing personal growth and mental health from a holistic perspective, judgement-free, and defending/presenting their story, their experience and specific solutions (if any) and tips and tricks for the audience on how to improve mental wellness and resilience

Where Do I get my guests

I recruit my guests through the Podmatch.com site as well here and by personal outreach.

The basic podcast version is free (audio)

See below for paid upgrade options.

What You Need To Know + Podcast Flow

This show is owned and operated by Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND and by DocChristine Coaching Inc. (https://DocChristine.com).

I will do the interviews myself and publish the show on my blog, on YouTube the main podcast page  and everywhere else where podcasts are shared. Recent examples:










Podcast Show page: https://docchristine.com/podcast

I prefer video and audio unless my guests do not want to do video.

This is a show recorded on Zoom. The video (if available) will be shared on Social media and the audio version on all major podcasting sites.

The show is relaxed, open, direct, non-judgemental and focuses on giving listeners hope by sharing stories of individuals who overcame challenges, as well as sharing support and practical tips and tricks on how to overcome mental health challenges in different ways and with different methods.
Remove the stigma of mental illness and reframe "failure", foster respect for the "human condition" and our fellow passengers on the journey of life.
No taboos, but NO disrespectful swearing or use of very offensive language or very explicit sexual content.
The guest will have an opportunity to share their contact information and/or a website or lead magnet at the end.
Please prepare and have good audio and video and a stable internet connection (ethernet is best, but stable wifi will do).
This is not a one-sided interview, but a lively discussion. The podcast host, Dr. Christine Sauer, is a MD and ND and a "mental health thriver" herself and has appeared on many video and audio shows, summits and podcasts as well as done a TEDx talk.
My purpose is to share the message widely that mental health challenges are not a "death sentence" but can lead to personal growth and a richer, more meaningful and more fulfilled life.

About the Audience:

People (self-employed entrepreneurs and others) interested in personal growth, coaching and holistic mental health (in all 5 dimensions of health)

more info coming soon.

Podcast Production Options

The Bronze package is FREE. Book Your Podcast Interview with this link: https://calendly.com/docchristine/show

It includes the recording, processing of the recording and the release of the audio file to all leading podcasting platforms.

Please note the optional upgrades below that provide you with added visibility, distribution and SEO Power

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Any of the upgrades can be purchased anytime before the taping date.

Silver Package

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  • Audio and Video Taping and Editing
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Gold Package

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  • all in Silver plus:
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Silver Package

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Diamond Package

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