Essential Problem Solving –

with Bill Straubinger

The 6 Essential Steps to solving any Problem – in Business or Life

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How can I find effective solutions that last to the problems I face at work and in life?

In this podcast, Dr. Christine Sauer talks with Bill Straubinger about the Six Essential Step Problem Solving Model and the Thinking It Through Process.

A few things we are talking about:

2:45: Whole-Brain Thinking

3:30: How to catch yourself being close-minded

8:30: Stop and Think!

10:00: Root causes of Problems and how to apply problem solving to mental health issues

11:25 The 4 C’s

14:00: How to generate options with Brain-based techniques

21:00: What Bill is guaranteeing (it’s not what you think)

22:00: Bill’s take on life’s problems

23:40: How to transform a negative attitude in a positive one

Bill Straubinger is the President of Results for Change, helping organizations by giving their employees the tools to make better decisions, solve problems, and improve their results.

His background includes more than twenty years of senior management experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Bill is also an american management Association faculty member in their Leadership. Management and Communications division.

He is also the author of “The Essential Problem Solver – Creating Solutions that Last” (link see green buttons below)

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It includes a Checklist on what’s not working and holding you back.

 And the Roadmap to help you make your plan to finally start living your best life!

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