From Street Gang to SPARKLE! – Overcoming Addictions – with John Giordano

A life that could have been the script of a movie – but it is real…

Listen to Dr. Christine Sauer talk with John Giordano. He started out as the son of a heroin dealer, addicted himself. His life enfolded like a move, with him being a changed man, helping others with addictions as a Counselor with many degrees and even a doctorate.

He exemplifies that – if you just keep going and don’t give up and keep learning with an open mind, you can achieve true transformation and greatness. Never give up. You, too, can heal your brain and mind by putting it in a brain-healing environment.


It was by no accident that John Giordano chose addiction treatment as his life’s work. Growing up the son of a heroin dealer and trying to cope with the trauma of being molested as a young boy, he fell hard into drugs and alcohol. Over thirty-five years ago, at the urging of his family, John entered rehab. He emerged a changed man – committed to helping others afflicted by this hideous disease. His new path required new knowledge. He has since earned many degrees and certifications including Certified Addiction Professional (CAP), Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Criminal Justice Specialist, Master in Neurolinguistics Programming, Certified Practitioner of E.M.D.R, Certified Sentence Mitigation Specialist, Certified Mindfulness and Powerful Mind-Body Awareness Therapy Skills, International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, and in 2008 he was honored with a Doctor of Human Letters from Sinai University in Jerusalem Israel.As he began his career in addiction treatment he became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of care he observed in treatment facilities. John decided to set out on his own and with only $300 he opened an addiction treatment facility that evolved into the highly awarded G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment in North Miami Beach, Florida which eventually sold for $45,000,000.John has authored two books “How To Beat Your Addictions And Live A Quality Life” and “Proven Holistic Treatment For Addiction & Chronic Relapse” He has also contributed to over 73 scientific research papers. Research Gate ranks him as one of the top researchers in the world.In addition to his daily responsibilities; John has provided counseling and trauma recovery services to law enforcement officers and Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. He is a state and federal expert witness and also the Chaplain of the North Miami Police Department. As a 10th-degree black belt and National Karate Champion, he also trains law enforcement officers and Green Berets in self-defense and negotiation techniques.

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