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If you are a parent and love your children, but sometimes you struggle with helping them understand that you have only their best interest in mind and

you want your child to be successful in life, healthy, happy, and realize their full potential, and you want to nurture and help them to unfold their innate genius,

Let's Talk about Options on how You Can help Your Children to Achieve All they can Be!

What is the Parenting Strategy Call?

This is truly an investment in your family and in your child's future. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

  • We will listen to you - so you can tell us what's going on in your child's health and your family life
  • We will together:
  • Create a Crystal-Clear Vision of how you ultimately want your family to communicate and what you want your children to achieve
  • Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your plans for your family and your child/ren and keeping them struggling and underachieving
  • Create an inspiring 5-step strategic action plan that you can use to transform your family dynamic  (that is keeping all of you struggling) into a well communicating family with happy parents and children and to overcome limitations of any of your childrens'  "dis-ability"  with a combination of brain health, science, medicine, education and great parenting.
  • You will leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to have a major breakthrough in your relationship to your children, a newfound confidence in your - and your children's abilities and  start your new life as a happy family with  successful and well-adjusted child/ren.
Dr. Christine Sauer

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Here is what one of our previous parents said...

I Understand Myself and My Daughter Better

I bought the Family Program, because I wanted to learn how to be a better parent and understand my daughter.
During the time working with DocChristine Coaching, I noticed that my daughter started to take more responsibility, analyses her own behaviour and understands herself and others better.
During the time working with DocChristine Coaching, I found that It is always good to have someone impartial and trained to talk to. Christine is like my sounding board. She shares practicable examples for different family situations. She draws attention to those areas and behaviours where I did not pay attention or which I didn't notice. This then helps to change perspective and understand each other better. I have become more observant of myself and got know myself and - as a result - I understand my daughter more and we get along better.

The main thing I learned from working with Dr. Christine, is that there is no perfect anything, especially no parent is perfect so you can only try to best of yourself and look after yourself.
What I appreciated most about my coach (Dr. Christine Sauer) is her vulnerability and openness. She is easy to relate to as she shares her own struggles and imperfections.

Inga Simaite-Islam

What Parents Say About Dr. Christine as a Teacher:

Our Philosophy when it comes to Parenting

The 10 Secrets Every Parent Needs to Know

Secret #1: Every Child is Born to Be a Genius

Yes, it is true. The seed to be a genius is in every child. And as parents, we can nurture and grow this seed so our child will blossom – or let it shrivel or even hinder its development. As parents or educators, our attitude and behavior toward the child determine whether the child will realize their potential or stay an underachiever.

Secret #2: A Genius Does Not Need to Be Perfect

Your child may have tendencies towards certain issues like ADHD, be on the autistic spectrum, or have other developmental issues. That doesn't mean that there is no genius in them. The opposite holds true: A parent's or educator's patience and dedication can skyrocket a child’s ability to excel in specific areas, the area where this child can truly shine. You can learn how to recognize your child's unique abilities and how to best nurture and grow their seeds of genius.

Secret #3: Every Child Needs Discipline

What we mean by discipline is not mindlessly following orders. It means that a child needs the safety of established rules and boundaries established by loving parents to help foster growth that is age-appropriate and considers brain development stages.
It means teaching a child that every behavior has logical consequences and teaching the child that they can shape their behavior to get more of the things they desire. It also means that the attitude of the parent or educator is: "Even if I do not love or appreciate your current behavior and need to impose consequences, I will always love the human being and genius in you unconditionally"

Secret #4: Loving your Child Does Not Mean Letting Them Do Whatever They Want

As parents or educators, we love our children. But often, we misunderstand the nature of parental love. Our ultimate purpose in child-rearing is to prepare the child for an independent and successful life as an adult. We show and live our values by being role models and modeling good behavior.
We show our love to our children by giving them the right rules and establishing helpful boundaries at the right time so they can feel safe, but also explore new and interesting experiences while being shielded from real dangers as necessary. This kind of love, encouragement, and care helps children to grow up confident in their abilities, eager to explore and learn new things, and able to tolerate and deal with the unavoidable stresses and setbacks
of adult life.

Secret #5: Teach Strategies and Skills, Not Content for Unlimited Memory and Knowledge

When you teach your child learning strategies, you develop brain circuitry in areas that foster confidence and self-sufficiency. We can train a child's brain to have an amazing memory, to fluently speak 3 or more languages, and remember everything they need for their life. The important thing is to teach your children learning strategies, not just content, so they will be later able to continually learn new content and research matter on their own to grow their body of knowledge. Some of the most important strategies and skills (besides reading, writing, and basic math) are languages, strategies for faster learning, thinking and reasoning skills, and skills for communication with other humans.

Secret #6: Let Your Child Run Wild – In Their Imagination

Never discourage your child's imagination. Your 3-year-old is imagining an ant riding a horse? Great! Encouraging their creativity in as many areas as possible will prepare your child to feel confident to explore new possibilities - and, as an adult, to imagine and invent a better future for them and others as well as to pave new routes in their chosen field. Make time for unstructured play activities. Make time to let your child choose what to play with
and lovingly encourage creative ways of using materials for other purposes than we think they are meant for. Allow your child to play with everyday things, even food, in their own way while restraining our role to keep them safe and showing them positive attention.

Secret #7: Dreams are There to Become Reality

"If I can see my dream in my head, I can hold it in my hand"

Steve Jobs many decades ago dreamt of a gadget that would connect anyone in the world with another person elsewhere in split seconds, which would play any music you wish and one that would fit in his pocket. People laughed at him and thought he was mad, a dreamer. Young Stevie didn't give up - and his persistence resulted in what we now know as the billion-dollar success story of Apple and the iPhone., iPod, iPad and so much more.
Secret #8: Teach Your Child to See Opportunities Everywhere You can teach your child to have the mind of a winner. Everything in life can be an opportunity. An opportunity for personal growth, for greater success, for new development and learning. There are no failures, just opportunities to learn from mistakes and do better next time. Losing doesn’t mean the end of the world. Teach your child to see losing an opportunity to try again and eventually win in the future. Being told "NO" does not necessarily mean that something is impossible. It may be out of reach in this moment, but there may be options to make it a "Yes" in the future. Teach your child that "NO" means "Never ending Options".

Secret #9: Good and Bad are Labels, Not Absolutes

Your child's and other people's actions, character, even genetic dispositions, moral values and other things are never absolutely "Good" or "Bad".
Even a cursory look through human history has taught us that actions that have been labeled as bad at one time where considered desirable or good at another. Teach your child to look at human history to learn about people and their story, to try to decipher the secrets of life and how different people at different points of history embraced different value systems, beliefs, and actions as "good" or "bad" and what consequences these systems and cultural beliefs had and still have on individuals and human society as a whole.

Secret #10: As Parent or Educator, See Yourself as a Gardener

As teachers or educators, we are gardeners of people. Every child was already born a genius; there is no doubt about it. The human baby is similar to a tiny seed in the soil waiting to be watered and given the appropriate nutrients and warmth to help them grow to a strong and resilient adult. If nothing is given, the wrong - or not enough -nutrients are given, or poison is added, then the seed does not grow well into a vigorous plant and struggles throughout
existence without growing into what they are meant to become. Who would want to see poor-looking flowers in his garden or weak trees that can't withhold a strong wind and will fall in the next storm?
Similarly, a child nurtured and raised well will not buckle in the face of adversity or obstacles but grasp the opportunities of life, use their genius abilities and live a successful and fulfilled life, filled with meaning, passion, and true purpose.
Would you like to learn what it would take for your family to work with us to help to raise your child or children to become a genius?

About the Coaches and Authors:

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND is a German-trained physician and naturopath, family doctor, dermatologist, and allergologist. Living in Nova Scotia, Canada for over 25 years, she added qualifications as a Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional (Dr. Daniel Amen MD), as a Licenced Brain Trainer, as a Gastrointestinal Disease Specialist (Dr. Kurt Woeller MD), as a Licenced Neuroencoding Specialist (Dr. Joseph McClendon III Ph.D.), as a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN), as a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner (Drs Ron Ruden MD and Steven Ruden), bio-individual nutrition, orthomolecular medicine (the science of treating illness with nutritional supplements) and more. She dedicated her life to using her knowledge
and experiences to integrate science and nature to optimize health in all its 5 dimensions, and to help improve the lives of adults, families, and children by making this knowledge accessible by providing practical strategies that work. Her work includes individual and group coaching and education, writing (bestselling) books, public speaking and podcaster. She has appeared on TV, radio, summits and international stages.
Christine's own life experience of raising two children, seeing grandchildren come along, being in two long-term relationships, and having struggled - and overcome – morbid obesity, chronic back pain, and mental "illness", and her – over 40 years of experience working with patients and clients – has led her to delve deep into life, philosophy, psychology, and other life sciences, and to develop her own, down-to-earth (and often fun and quirky) practical approach to resolving issues that are commonly called "mental illness" or "neurodiversity" or given other, similar labels - with natural means.

Chinara Crumpton is trained as a real British Nanny. She is trilingual and studied early child development, and psychology. Chinara gained decades of experience helping families raise their children and recognize, nurture, develop and fully bring out the genius that lies dormant in every child. Through her work, she wants more parents to be able to recognize the genius in their child or children and to give parents practical strategies to nurture the genius in their own children, even with challenges like ADHD, neurodevelopmental issues or other “diversity” - and raise them to live fully, as well-adjusted, happy adults, living in their own genius zone and contributing to make this world a better place. In Chinara's eyes, anyone can be a genius. She worked with successful genius parents with ASD and Asperger's Disorder. It showed that their conditions and humble backgrounds did not stop them from becoming who they wanted to become - self-made millionaires and inventors. Chinara’s expertise extends to focusing on bringing out the brilliance of children with so-called disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, ASD or other issues with neurodiversity. She helped them to shine and then go on to prestigious "normal" schools.
Her attitude is that we all have a zone of genius, and her passion is to help other families to recognize, nurture, develop and fully bring out the genius that lies dormant in every child - waiting to be awakened by a dedicated, loving parent. Chinara is a passionate mom and wife who raised her own daughter to use her brilliant mind and to become a genius – using the same strategies that she is now teaching in her books, in her courses, and in her coaching practice to others.
Christine and Chinara met in London, England, while Chinara was working as a nanny for Christine's grandchildren. While talking, they developed a deep understanding and friendship and decided to combine their mutual knowledge for the benefit of the many parents of this world struggling to raise their children. Together, they are writing books and are designing parenting course and coaching programs for families with high-potential children.
They both have one goal in mind: To help you to shape your child or children into geniuses and help them live as successful, healthy, adults in a fast-paced, ever-changing world full of challenges.
If you want to benefit from our extensive practical knowledge and practical experience in brain health and child development and learn more strategies and tools to use in your own parenting, this parenting program is right for you.


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