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Just One more Step...

The Next Program Group Will Start in March 2023

Seats are Limited! First Come, First Serve...

The current price for the 12-week group coaching program is only USD $ 297.- 

The Prices will go up after the New Year. But if you get on our waitlist before that, your price will get locked in at the current rate and you also will receive a FREE personal coaching session with Dr. Christine to get you started!

So get in, reserve your seat today for only $1, lock in your special rate, and we will notify you by email when the main program starts.

Act Now! The Price will go up in...


You missed out!

You will be charged USD $1 today to guarantee your space in the program. At the start of the program we will charge you the remainder of the price ($ 296). You can cancel anytime before the program starts and no further charges will occur.

You will get for just $1.-

>> Your Reserved Seat in the Next 12-week Group Coaching program with all the Bells and Whistles
>> A FREE Personal Coaching Session with Dr. Christine Sauer
>> The FREE Roadmap to a Better Life
>> Additional Bonus Materials (let us surprise you)

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