Get a Second Opinion: The Holistic 5-Dimensional Health Assessment

Get the Information to Turn Your Life Around

Find our which root causes could be responsible for your symptoms and get a qualified opinion for your next steps

Make Informed Decisions for Your Health and Well-Being

This is a truly 5-Dimensional Holistic Health Assessment, custom-made to find root-causes of chronic mental health issues, brain health issues and gut health issues. Get a second opinion and a qualified opinion for your next steps by Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND (over 40 years experience)


Often even doctors lose track of the many tests, symptoms and issues you encountered over time or they are so specialized that they overlook the forest because they only look at single trees.

Everything in One Place

We gather all your symptoms and test results – as many as you are willing to provide to us – uploaded to a secure, HIPPAA-Privacy certified online platform.

We then analyze the data to craft a path forward for you

A Clear Path to Action

Whether it is further specialized testing or a change in treatment plan, you will know what is best to do from here.

You can use our recommendation to further your work with your current and future healthcare providers – and/or us.

A Qualified Second Opinion


Knowledge to Empower You

Put Dr. Christine’s over 40 years in healthcare in various specialties and her experience with people, her critical thinking skills and her uncanning ability to process large amounts of data and “crystallize” them into a working system for you!


Avoid Tunnel-Vision

Many Primary-Care Practitioners are overwhelmed with the amount of patients they have to serve, the amount of paperwork and data coming at them and the constantly changing government rules and regulations they need to follow.


Avoid Costly Mistakes

Before investing in another costly and invasive tests or treatments or even taking drugs or supplements – find out FIRST if they make sense and what you should watch out for.

Make Informed Decisions for Your Health and Well-Being

Source Your Information Broadly

Where do you gather information that informs your health-related decisions?

1 Your doctor or healthcare provider?
2 “Mr. Google”
3 “News Media”?

Do you know – or ask- if they are truly independent and have your best interest at heart?

360 Picture Of Your Health

Many Primary-Care Practitioners are overwhelmed with the amount of patients they have to serve, the amount of paperwork and data coming at them and the constantly changing government rules and regulations they need to follow.

Sometimes they choose the easy route – even if it may not be the best for your future.


We make money with our services.
We are not paid by any industry or government or another interest group, whether that be the pharmaceutical industry, “charities” or other groups that tie their support to certain behavior patterns .

We work strictly with YOUR best interest at heart.

What Is Health In 5 Dimensions?

The Concept of Holistic Health means addressing the whole person in all its individuality, not just one symptom or symptom-complex, like it is mostly done in conventional medicine. Read more about this in this article.


Below you can find a breakdown of the 5 Dimensions and what it entails. All these will be assessed during Dr. Christine’s Holistic Health Assessment, or, as she likes to call it, the Turn-Around-Assessment. With its help, you truly have the chance to turn your health and life around – in a new, better direction, so you can live your best life, full of meaning, passion and purpose.


This Pentagram Symbolizes the 5 Dimensions:

The 5 Dimensions of Health

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What do You Get With

The Turn-Around-Holistic Health Assessment?

This is the cornerstone for all my programs, uses all my extensive knowledge and experience that I accumulated in my over 40 years in healthcare, and is included in the "Recover Your Sparkle" program.

It includes:

Access to my highly specialized Turn-Around-Questionnaires (housed in a HIPAA-certified platform) to assess your health and functioning in all 5 dimensions of health (mental, physical, spiritual, social, financial), health history, previous interventions, tests, diagnoses, medications, supplements and more)
Your quality of life assessment and score
Your brain health score
An assessment of your brain type
Your dementia risk score
An assessment of your depression and anxiety type
An assessment of your ADHD type (if applicable)
An assessment of your nutrition and dietary needs
The cravings type assessment (if applicable)
1 Life Strategy Session
1 extended coaching session (60-90 min each) to ask further questions, allow you to explain your answers and explain what could be the next steps for you and (if included in your package)
1 extended coaching session (60-90 min each) to give you your results, explain what they may mean for you and what could be your next steps to solve any challenges we identified. (if included in your package)
A detailed Report of all Findings and Results as well as a "Life and Health Strategy Plan" detailing all your options of going forward (e.g. further testing options, recommendations for other specialist consultation, medication options, supplement options, lifestyle modifications), with pros and cons. (if included in your package)
A Customized and Individualized Supplement, Book Reading, Video and Course Plan with Specific Recommendations for Your Further Personal Growth, Optimized Health.(if included in your package)

Options and Pricing


Access To The Questionnaires And Basic Results


1 Life Strategy Session (45 min)

Access to all questionnaires

Basic results and report

You do the research

You do your own planning


For Simple Chronic Health Issues And Second Opinions


everything included in Basic

1 extended coaching session to clarify your answers

1 extended coaching session to talk about your results

Basic Life Strategy Template and plan and Supplement Recommendations

You do any advanced research and planning


A Special Service For Long-Term Chronic And Complex Health Issues


everything in Standard plus

customized research

detailed results

Coaching Sessions as needed

Custom Life and Health Plan with Detailed Recommendations

assistance with implementation

continued assistance options

Pricing depending on complexity