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Truly Holistic Health & Life Coaching, paired with Personal Experience: “Made in Germany, delivered from Canada!”

Dr. Christine Sauer

MD ND - Head Coach | Founder and CEO


Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND, grew up in Germany, raised two sons and became a physician.

She worked in her ex-husband’s family and naturopathic practice and then took a second residency in dermatology, naturopathy, allergology and phlebology (leg vein diseases). After being board-certified for these specialties she then opened her own practice in Germany, which grew rapidly.

Friendly, Caring, Real, Authentic

German-Trained, Now Retired Physician And Naturopath


Combining Science, Medicine, Nature And Coaching Arts

If You’re Stuck in a Dark Place, Don’t Give Up! There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel for You, too!

- Dr. Christine Sauer


Check out some of my Certificates below!

German Doctorate of Medicine (PhD)

German License to Practice Medicine (MD)

German Naturopath License

Brain and Mental Health Coaching Certificate

Gastrointestinal Disease Mastery Certificate

Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist

Dr. Daniel Amen Brain Trainer License

Orthomolecular Therapy of Depression (Supplements)

German Allergology License

German Allergology License

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Dr. Christine’s journey

Watch Dr. Christine sharing her journey from a successful physician in Germany through the abyss of mental and physical illness and disability back to vibrant health and a happy life full of passion and purpose!

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What Our Clients Say…

Christine is not just very knowledgeable, she is also very passionate about helping people improve their lives through nutrition. She coaches people in how…

Jakki Brierley-Shorrock

I was very lucky to work with Dr. Christine as she has helped me very much. She looked at my body as a whole and helped me discover many food allergies that were…

Rosanna Pelton

What a remarkable woman who has such knowledge. In just one 30 minute consultation I learned so much to improve my health. Looking forward to more…

Jakki Brierley-Shorrock

I am so glad I did the Turn-Around-Assessment with Dr. Christine! After years of feeling crappy all day, fatigued, depressed and being unable to sleep and in pain, I finally…

Cheryl Ann

Doc Christine is a wonderful woman! She is so kind and giving of her time. Also, she is extremely knowledgeable in the field of medicine, being both a physician as well as…

Cheryl Ann

Doc Christine has a passion for helping individuals become well and live a holistic life. She loves challenges and has a variety of tools at her disposal to…

Cynthia Robson

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