Cannabis/Marihuana and Psychosis Risk

cannabis and psychosis risk

With the increasing legalization of marijuana (cannabis), we need to be aware of the risks, expecially to our young people.

A personal Story:

My own son, after getting heavy into Marijuana at age 16 (in Germany), developed psychotic symptoms at age 18 and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia…

Given, in our family runs a genetic predisposition to psychosis, but even then (nearly 20 years ago) I waas told that the trigger for his schizophrenia was the cannabis, and that this association was well known…

Would he not have developed schizophrenia if he had stayed away from it? Nobody knows…

But in a new study done by Canadian researchers  (Click HERE for the abstract)     a clear increase in the risk for psychotic illness was found in youth from ages 12 to 18 without needing a genetic disposition…

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS! At home and in schools!

cannabis and psychosis risk

Cannabis/Marihuana is NOT always harmless, as many people still think.

Occasional recreational use of cannabis (especially if not smoked/combusted) is probably harmless FOR ADULTS.

It can even be beneficial to use the plant extracts  or parts of it (CBD) for certain illnesses and cancer patients. I do not want to dispute that.

BUT we need to know that it is not harmless in all cases.

We will probably uncover more risks for it, as time progresses.

If you have kids or teenagers, please explain this to them.

Psychosis is a severe break with reality and can lead to severe disability for life, even if treated.

PREVENTION is better than treatment, as always.