Researchers found that an inflammatory mechanism was dialed up in certain older adults, but not others. When it was highly activated, people often had high blood pressure and stiff arteries.In the news today research that your cup of coffee in the morning might not only ward off dementia, but also be anti-inflammatory and good to prevent many inflammation-associated illnesses like heart disease and even cancer.

But in lab experiments, there was evidence that caffeine blocked this inflammatory process.

Past studies have linked coffee intake to longer life.

There are hundreds of pathways that contribute to immune regulation, and they are finely adjusted in a “normal” person. When you form cancer cells (every one of us does that constantly) or deal with an infection, inflammation needs to be upregulated to deal with the intruders. After this is finished, the cells need to be told to “calm down”

It is well known that stress, the typical “SAD” (standard American) diet and certain medications as well as an imbalance in your microbiomes can disturb this mechanism and lead to chronic, low-grade inflammation which seems to be at the root of many modern chronic diseases.

There is many things you can do to reduce “bad” chronic inflammation and rebalance the body.

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