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Reviews: stories from our clients

Jacqueline C.

Kim Broniman

Maxine Silva

Michael Stack

Breaking Through Barriers

Christine was able to help me better understand the obstacles in my way. With her practical skills and experience we were able to work together and break through barriers. I am grateful to Christine for her integrated approach to health and wellness.


Case Study - Trevor - Mental Health - Anxiety

A 35-year old man, let’s call him Trevor, consulted me about his anxiety. He was scared of touching anything. I provided him with information and supported him in working with his psychotherapist to avoid medication. In addition we addressed his diet and did a urine test to see if he had nutritional deficiencies or metabolic abnormalities that would contribute to his anxiety. As part of my health recommendations we provided him with the resources and a customized meal plan a well as a supplement plan and other recommendation to improve his condition.


I highly recommend Dr. Christine if you are having any health issues...

I was very lucky to work with Dr. Christine as she has helped me very much. She looked at my body as a whole and helped me discover many food allergies that were causing havoc with my life. Dr. Christine also helped with which vitamins and probiotics are the best for my body and now I am living a very healthy life. I am very thankful for meeting Dr. Christine because I am now living a much healthier life. I also like that Dr. Christine checks in with me occasionally to make sure I am doing well. I highly recommend Dr. Christine if you are having any health issues...she will help you figure them out and find a way to make them better.


“I was one of the lucky ones whom she took the time to get to know...”

Christine is a sincerely warm person who just wants to help everyone she meets. I was one of the lucky ones whom she took the time to get to know. She has been helping me regain my health! It is truly an amazing wake up call and I am looking forward to working with her on an ongoing basis. Each day brings me closer to a healthier me!


Kind, Caring and very genuine...

Not only is Doc Christine incredibly knowledgeable about health care and mental health matters, she is kind, caring and very genuine in her desire to help others. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their quality of life!


very knowledgeable and trustworthy

Christine is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. She will get to the bottom of your health concerns!


Helped me with chronic fatigue

Client Success Stories And Testimonials


Just the Best... you could ever find

Just the best Brain and Mental Health Coach you could ever find!


Helping us when nobody else was...

Thank you very much for being here, for helping us when nobody else was!


Improved my Life and Happiness

Talking to Christine improved my life and happiness. I am now in a loving relationship and healthier than ever before. Christine helped me understand the terms my doctor uses and the diseases I have and how to get as healthy as possible in later life. It is never too late!"68,female”


Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND@2x

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

High-Efficiency Mental Health & Brain Health Coach

Meet Dr. Christine and DocChristine Coaching

What We Do For You:

YOU are the specialist for your own body and we are the experienced guides that show you the way. We care, educate, challenge and hold you accountable so YOU can reach the goal of living your best life.

Our Mission:

At DocChristine, we educate and inspire you to get healthy and stay that way! We support you in your quest to heal from chronic illness. We provide practical and proven guidance and help so you can achieve lasting wellness for body, mind and spirit.

Our Promise:

We will deliver excellence and value with step-by-step practical help, while holding you accountable through your journey. We will innovate and find new ways to help you achieve total wellness and grow as a person with passion and purpose.

Our Motto:

“If You’re Stuck In A Dark Place, Don’t Give Up! There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel For You, Too!”