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Get practical, common-sense help for general health, mental health or brain health issues (and the stomach woes coming with it) from a naturopath who is also a trained medical doctor, a gastrointestinal disease specialist, a Holistic Brain and Mental Health Professional, a Coach, Educator and Consultant. (and a few more).

Who is Dr. Christine? (most clients just call her "Doc")?

She knows struggles.

She was depressed, anxious and unfocused, overcome and held back by brain fog, self-doubt and fatigue herself.

But, knowing the solution was out there, she made the decision for change.

Make your decision now and sign up for one of her programs!

She applied all she knew to herself, learned a lot of new things - and became healthy again. Freedom!

As "The Doctor Who KNOWS How You Feel" she now helps others overcome chronic depression and “sparkle”. Her clients value the deep personal connection she forms with them as well the practical strategies, vast knowledge and her sense of humor.

She is the founder of DocChristine Coaching Inc. and the “Recover Your Sparkle” System and Program, a Simple, yet sophisticated way to achieve true health around all 5 Dimensions of Mental Health and live a fulfilled, meaningful life full of passion and purpose.

She writes and teaches about Practical, Proven Strategies for a Better Brain, a Happier Life, and a Better Business.

As a multiple bestselling author and an engaging, inspirational and entertaining speaker and Tedx speaker, Dr. Christine has appeared on many stages, video shows and her own webinars and videos.

Your Monthly Sparkle

 Learn about strategies to overcome depression, anxiety, ADHD and more. Get the best subscriber-only content, tips, brain hacks, tools, worksheets, and info-sheets in your inbox with this subscription. Monthly new content as well as product reviews and discounts to other services and discount coupons for brain-healthy supplements and other products to improve your performance, energy and mental health.




  • Premium Tips and Tricks
  • Premium Content around the 5 Dimensions of Mental Health and Growth
  • Exclusive Tip-Sheets, Info Sheets
  • Special Worksheets that are usually only shared with individual clients...

Gold Sparkles

This is a Special Subscription that allows you to get individualized support from one of the most qualified Brain Health and Mental Health Coaches you will find. Compared with the regular price of $USD 250 per session, you save A LOT! In addition to the Monthly Sparkle Bi-Weekly 45 min Individual Coaching Sessions with Dr. Christine Sauer




  • Everything in Silver Sparkle
  • Everything in Monthly Sparkle
  • 2 x/month individual 30-45 min individual coaching sessions with Dr. Christine
  • Membership in my Special Coaching System

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