Elevate your Emotional Well-Being with Our Specialized Stress Management and Mental Health Coaching Services.

Turn off your stress, worries, and anxiety in less than 10 minutes with our ‘Instant Calm Formula’ - Tune into the world of healthy living with our expert coaching on stress management training and mental health programs.

We empower you to co-create your best life with us

We help you to uncover the hidden roadblocks that keep holding you back.

We provide you with resources that will make your life better and lead to lasting personal growth, health, and happiness.

We’re here to help you, right here, right now in three simple steps

With our intensive stress management training, combined with our comprehensive background and vast knowledge and experience in the field, our mental health coaching programs do not overwhelm with information that you don’t need. We achieve healing strategically, in 3 simple stages.


Assess and Evaluate

We dive deep with you into possible root causes of your suffering and symptoms, and post-evaluation, we create a holistic brain health and mental health strategy to address all the underlying root causes that challenge your happiness and resilience, one by one in a systematic manner.


Intervene and Coach

We help you to implement the best stress relief methods by inspiring, encouraging, and empowering you to achieve the lasting change in all 5 dimensions of brain health and mental health that feels hard at first, but when addressed properly and with care, comes about nearly effortlessly.


Motivate and Mentor

We are here when you need us, even after your full recovery. With our elite group of stress management life coaches and holistic brain health and mental health coaching programs, we are here to mentor you, lift you up, and empower you to co-create a better, happier, more purposeful and meaningful journey through your life.

Overcome Sadness, Fear, Stress, Anxiety, and Start to Sparkle with Our Stress Management Life Coach

If you struggle with depression, full recovery can seem complicated or even impossible to achieve. And only a full recovery leads to calm focus, inner peace, serenity, self-worth, happiness, trust, and a sense of optimism and empowerment.

With our online stress management course and mental health programs, full depression recovery is possible, if you follow our 7-step SPARKLE system, a proven strategy and plan for drug-free healing from depression and anxiety.

This system is based on a holistic approach to Mental health, Brain health, and overall health and happiness.

We see Health - whether it is Mental Health, Brain Health, Gut Health, or other, as 5-Dimensional Mental Health.

Welcome To The World Of “Sparkles”@2x

Welcome To The World Of “Sparkles”

We define ‘Sparkles’ as people who are wanting more for themselves, want to overcome overwhelming feelings of depression, anxiety, and achieve a meaningful life of vitality and positivity, full of energy, passion, and purpose.

With expert advice by our mental wellness coaches and specialized stress management coaching and programs to help achieve personal growth, these mental health coaching programs are designed for individuals who want to grow exponentially in all 5 dimensions of health and life.

7 Steps to Recover Your Sparkle with Our Stress Management Training and Holistic Mental Health Coaching

Whether you feel stressed out, burnt out, or suffer from chronic worries, anxiety, or depression, our brain health and mental health coaching strategies can help you to get back into your safe haven of inner peace, happiness, contentedness, calm focus, and lasting confidence.

See Clearly - Your Past: Why You Can’t Sparkle Now

This includes Assessment and Strategy, like our 5D holistic assessments for your optimal mental health, with the goal to find the root causes of depression and anxiety by reviewing your past in all 5 dimensions and bringing it into the NOW.

Passion, Purpose, Goals - Find Your Future Sparkles

Here you will discover your purpose, passion, the big WHY’s, and then create meaning for your life. Post evaluation, we will co-create your goals for a better future.

Annihilate Your Automatic Sparkle Extinguishers

You Learn Practical Ways How To Annihilate Your Sparkle Extinguishers (Automatic Negative Thoughts) In Your Brain ( The Thoughts That Steal Your Joy And Happiness) And Recover The Sparkles In Your Thoughts

Recover And Rebuild The Sparkles Around You

Detox your habits, your food, your relationships, and your environment. Begin to rebuild your life and your environment.

Keys To Recover Your Happy Sparkles

Happiness Is Your Choice! Discover How All You Learned So Far Prepared You To Experience Contentment And Happiness

Live Daily With A Sparkle

Get the Sparkle back in your eyes by managing your stress better and letting go of past hurts and trauma fixations.

Embrace Your Sparkling Future

Truly live forwards, not backwards! Create a new Sparkle every day and live your life courageously and in a way that will end unnecessary anxiety and the dark clouds of depression and avoid future regrets.

Take a Step Towards Stress-Free Living with Our Mental Health

Take a Step Towards Stress-Free Living with Our Mental Health Coaching Programs

Mental stability and emotional resilience is of crucial importance for a happy and healthy living. Look no further than DocChrsitine’s Stress management coaching. Our team of experienced and certified mental health coaches offer personal and the best stress-relief methods, tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

Our stress management programs are designed to provide you with the right set of guidance and support that you need, so you can achieve sustainable results and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With 24/7 support from your personal mental health and wellness coach, you will have the required assistance to improve your overall well-being. Choose DocChristine stress management services for a better and healthier you!

Hello, I am Dr. Christine Sauer@2x

From the Founder’s Desk,

Dr. Christine Sauer

Let’s have a personal conversation heart to heart to get to know each other. Let me know what is going on in your life and what you tried, what worked for you - and what didn’t.

7 Steps to Climb the Mountain of Life

Watch the video and enjoy how two perfectly imperfect human beings illustrate the journey of becoming…

See how Harried Harriette recovers her sparkle and regains inner peace to become - Sparkling Suzie

Discover Your Sparkle with Our Mental Health Breakthrough Sessions

You will discover:

A Crystal-Clear Vision of the future you want to create

Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your attempts to live your best life

An inspiring 5-step strategic action plan that you can use to transform your current turbulent life into the peaceful and meaningful life you desire, and become the sparkling person you truly deserve to be.

You will exit the session feeling empowered and uplifted, and with a clear idea and plan of action on how you can reach your personal growth, mental and physical wellness goals, and with options on how you can achieve this.

Rapid Stress Relief and Stress Management - How to Optimize Your Brain for High Performance@


Turn off stress, worries and anxiety in less than 10 min

Watch this FREE video training to feel calm, focused, and energized in record time


Rapid Stress Relief and Stress Management - How to Optimize Your Brain for High Performance

What Are The Stages Of Betrayal Trauma - And How Can You Recover Your Sparkle?

Key Factors to Success and Sparkle in Health, Wealth and Love – with Kevin Palmieri

We Help Organizations Spread Health, Joy, Love and Hope

We love to share our knowledge and experience and bring stress relief methods, physical health and mental health programs, and vibrant energy, passion, joy, hope, and love to organizations and their leaders and employees. Increase employee engagement and satisfaction with our stress management services.

We Help Organizations Spread Health, Joy, Love and Hope@2x

Get Your Own FREE Gratitude Journal Today!

And Start To Train Your Brain - For More Joy, Happiness And Better Mental Health!

“A Keen Appreciation for yourself and the world around us and a deep feeling of gratitude are some of the most important attitudes and skills every woman and man interested in personal growth needs to develop and grow, and a science-backed key to true and lasting joy and happiness.”


Everyone Has a Story to Tell

Most People Don’t Listen Anymore - We Still Do!

Your Story Of Struggle With Chronic Depression & Anxiety Matters To Us!

Let’s have a personal conversation heart to heart to get to know each other. Let me know what is going on in your life and what you tried, what worked for you - and what didn’t.

See What Our Clients Say About Our Stress Management Coaching

Not only is Doc Christine incredibly knowledgeable about health care and mental health matters, she is kind, caring, and very genuine in her desire to help others. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their quality of life!

Tina McDougall McAulay

Doc Christine is a wonderful woman! She is so kind and giving of her time. Also, she is extremely knowledgeable in the field of medicine, being both a physician as well as a holistic healer and personal health care advisor. You can trust her to give you the proper advice for whatever ails you. I love DocChristine!

Cynthia Robson

Christine is not just very knowledgeable, she is also very passionate about helping people improve their lives through nutrition. She coaches people in how to make the right choices for their health alongside making changes to their mindset to ensure they achieve their end goal! Christine is approachable, down to earth, and great at what she does.

Jakki Brierley-Shorrock

Talking to Christine improved my life and happiness. I am now in a loving relationship and healthier than ever before. Christine helped me understand the terms my doctor uses and the diseases I have and how to get as healthy as possible in later life. It is never too late!


Doc Christine has a passion for helping individuals become well and live a holistic life. She loves challenges and has a variety of tools at her disposal to identify why you may not be feeling well. DocChristine has a wealth of knowledge from a variety of medical training as well as connections to find you answers.

Charlene Pickrem

Christine is a sincerely warm person who just wants to help everyone she meets. I was one of the lucky ones whom she took the time to get to know. She has been helping helping me regain my health! It is truly an amazing wake up call and I am looking forward to working with her on an ongoing basis. Each day brings me closer to a healthier me!

Cathy Cornelius

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