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Your skin is the window that shows what is going on inside you. Find out the REAL causes why your skin isn’t healthy and what you can do to heal your skin for good!

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Whether you are suffering from acne, skin rashes, pimples, bumps, eczema, dermatitis, hives, psoriasis, lupus or another skin condition, are worried about skin cancer or just looking for great options for your skin care – DocChristine has the answers!

DocChristine – Dr. Christine Sauer – is a Board-Certified (Germany) Dermatologist (skin and autoimmune conditions), Allergist and Naturopath, as well as a Nutritionist and a Certified Health Coach.

She believes that everyone has the right to a healthy skin. She considers herself to be a medical detective and will drill down to find the real reasons to your skin condition – and then help you resolve it from the inside and out.

Although she prefers to use natural means (nutrition, supplements, skincare), she also knows the value of conventional medicine and will find the best solution for your individual case!


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DocChristine’s services are 100% private and confidential. Results will vary by person, a personalized plan will help develop reasonable expectations on a case by case basis.

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