Let Me Show You The 10 Steps to a Thriving Coaching Business

Practical Business Growth for Purpose-Driven Coaches

Do you want to

  • live your passion to help others transform their lives
  • generate an income for yourself and your family
  • make a positive difference for yourself, those who you love and the world at large
  • realize your dream of creating a legacy - for those who come after us
  • align yourself with the universal energy to make this happen - while taking strategic action steps to ensure success

Let Me Show You The 10 Steps to a Thriving Coaching Business

The Numbers Don't Lie!

Failure Rate
of Businesses Fail

of startup businesses fail within the first 5 years

Insufficient Income
of Coaches don't make a living

of Self-employed coaches make less than $20,000 per year

Mentally Unwell
of entrepreneurs suffer from mental health issues

of entrepreneurs feel depressed or have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder or adult ADHD.

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

High-Efficiency Mental Health

 & Brain Health Coach

Meet Dr. Christine and DocChristine Coaching

What We Do For You:

YOU are the specialist for your own business and your life and we are the experienced guides that show you the way.  We care, educate, challenge and hold you accountable so YOU can reach the goal of living your best life.

Our Mission:   At DocChristine, we educate and inspire you to grow and achieve your goals!  We support you in your quest to create a thriving business. We provide practical and proven guidance and help so you can achieve abundance for your business and lasting wellness for body, mind and spirit.

Our Promise:  We will deliver excellence and value with step-by-step practical help, while holding you accountable through your journey.  We will innovate and find new ways to help you achieve your success and grow your business as a person with passion and purpose.

Our Motto:    "If You're Stuck In A Dark Place, Don't Give Up! There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel For You, Too!"


  • What's The Purpose of the Call?

  • Why DocChristine?

  • Privacy & Safety

Is This a Sales Conversation?

To address the elephant 🐘in the room: Yes, I do this type of work professionally. And I am not here to sell you anything. It’s more important to me to lead with a helping hand 🤝and be of service to those I can and let the business take care of itself. And if you are interested to work with me, we can talk about this towards the end of the call.

I already Know that I want to Work with You. Is this call right for me?

Thanks for your trust and interest.

If you already know that you want to use me to reach your goals faster and easier, please let me know at the start of the call. As always, we will tailor our conversation to your individual needs.

Is this really FREE?

Yes, there is absolutely no obligation - we will have a friendly conversation around your issues and goals.

We love listening to people's purpose, passion and stories.

And if we both feel that it would make sense to talk about how we could work together, we will do so towards the end of the call.