Are you Unsure Of How To Be The Best Parent For Your Child? 

the Best Parenting Secrets

From a Seasoned British Nanny and a brain Health Expert! 

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How To Raise Your Child

to Be a Genius

Discover the 10 Secrets Every Parent needs to know

Do You Love Your Child, But You Worry...

  • "Experts" May Have Told You That Your Child's "Dis-Ability" - ADHD, ASD Or A Physical Disability -  Will Limit Their Ability To Succeed in Life
  • Your Child's progress in School seems slower than normal

  • You Try to Help Your Child, but nothing seems to work...

  • Your Child Loves Computer Games More Than Homework 

  • you want the best for your child, But they Just Won't listen to you

  • Parenting Just Seems to Be So hARD!

Your Child Deserves The Best

  • You Know that they are capable to achieve more

  • You tried so much and it is still not working for your family

  • You are not satisfied with the current Support You and Your child is getting

  • Your child (and you) is suffering, and nothing seems to help

  • You Feel that they are holding back and need more motivation

  • You are looking for Qualified Parenting Support and Natural Solutions for your Child's Difficulties

  • You are looking for a solution that can bring Hope, peace and Love back to your family life

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About the Coaches and Authors:

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND is a German-trained physician and naturopath, family doctor, dermatologist, and allergologist.

She is working as a Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional, using neuroscience and brain training techniques to help her clients become high performers by achieving optimal brain health.

She is a TEDx Speaker, International #1 bestselling author and has appeared on TV, radio, summits and international stages. 

Some of her qualifications include (see more on her LinkedIn): 

  • Physician
  • Naturopath
  • Allergologist
  • Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional (Dr. Daniel Amen MD),
  • Licenced Brain Trainer, Gastrointestinal Disease Specialist (Dr. Kurt Woeller MD),
  • Licenced Neuroencoding Specialist (Dr. Joseph McClendon III Ph.D.), as a
  • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN), as a
  • Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner (Drs Ron Ruden MD and Steven Ruden),
  • Bio-Individual Nutrition (to help address Autism and ADHD)
  • Orthomolecular medicine (the science of treating illness with nutritional supplements) 
  • Teaching and Educating around optimal Brain Health (On Dr. Daniel Amen's teaching Team, Dr. Joseph McClendon III's Teaching Team, Teaching Teenagers on Outschool.com)

She dedicated her life to using her knowledge and experiences to combine modern science, ancient wisdom, nature, experience, and love. That's when real magic happens. 

She helps to improve the lives of adults, families, and children by making this knowledge accessible and by providing practical strategies that work. (and having fun while teaching it).

Her work includes individual and group coaching and education, writing articles and books, public speaking and podcasting. 

Dr. Christine's uses her own growing life experience of raising two children, seeing grandchildren come along, being in two long-term relationships, and having struggled with - and overcome – her own morbid obesity, chronic back pain, and mental "illness" to the benefit of others.

Together with her over 40 years of experience working with patients and clients she has delved deep into life, philosophy, psychology, and other natural and life sciences. This led her to develop her own, down-to-earth (and often fun and quirky) and  practical approach to resolving issues that are commonly called "mental illness" or "neurodiversity" or given other, similar labels - and as much as possible with natural means.

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Chinara Crumpton is trained as a real British Nanny. She is trilingual and studied early child development, and psychology.

Chinara gained decades of experience helping upper-class families raise their children and recognize, nurture, develop and fully bring out the genius that lies dormant in every child.

Through her work, she wants more parents to be able to recognize the genius in their child or children and to give parents practical strategies to nurture the genius in their own children, even if they have challenges like ADHD, neurodevelopmental issues or other “diversity”.

She knows that they can be raised to live fully, as well-adjusted, happy adults, living in their own genius zone and contributing to make this world a better place.

In Chinara's eyes, anyone can be a genius. She worked with successful genius parents with ASD and Asperger's Disorder. It showed that their conditions and humble backgrounds did not stop them from becoming who they wanted to become - self-made millionaires and inventors. Chinara’s expertise extends to focusing on bringing out the brilliance of children with so-called disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, ASD or other issues with neurodiversity. She helped them to shine and then go on to prestigious "normal" schools.

Her attitude is that we all have a zone of genius, and her passion is to help other families to recognize, nurture, develop and fully bring out the genius that lies dormant in every child - waiting to be awakened by a dedicated, loving parent. Chinara is a passionate mom and wife who raised her own daughter to use her brilliant mind and to become a genius – using the same strategies that she is now teaching in her books, in her courses, and in her coaching practice to others.

Christine and Chinara met in London, England, while Chinara was working as a nanny for Christine's grandchildren. While talking, they developed a deep understanding and friendship and decided to combine their mutual knowledge for the benefit of the many parents of this world struggling to raise their children. Together, they are writing books and are designing parenting course and coaching programs for families with high-potential children.

They both have one goal in mind: To help you to bring out the genius in your child or children and help them to become successful, healthy, adults in a fast-paced, ever-changing world full of challenges.

If you want to benefit from our combined extensive practical knowledge and practical experience in brain health and child development and learn more strategies and tools to use in your own parenting, consider talking with one of us about options for your family.

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