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Trying to


We help you to lose those pesky pounds safely and for life, even if you

tried and failed before or 

have health issues or food allergies.

It is NOT Your Fault!

Watch the Video

 Learn how to feel Fabulous Forever... Finally!!

Are You...

frustrated with your looks?

Do You Hate Your Body? Clothes Don't fit?

You can't sit in narrow airplane seats or chairs with armrests anymore... 

Have to ask for a seatbelt extension?

 I've been there.

That's Me in 2006 in the image on top. 

Depressed, but I still put a smile on.

People think you're lazy, stupid and have no willpower. 

But it is NOT Your Fault!

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Tired of Being Tired?

If You are tired to be tired all the time, this is for you.

I used to be tired in the morning,

had no energy during the day and after work came home and crashed on the sofa,

just wanting to nibble chips or candy...

You can change this!

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Ready to Start Your New Life in a New Body?

Whether Your Goal is to Balance Your Hormones,

Clear Your Skin of Pesky Zits , itching patches and

get rid of your brain fog,

we can help! 

Normalize blood pressure, hormones,


blood sugars,

get your energy back and finally fit in the clothes again you wore years ago.

(Or buy New and Pretty Ones)

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Listen To a Few of Our Previous Participant's Results!

Wayne Adams

Former Councillor

" When Your Body Smiles, the Whole World Smiles At You!"

Michael Stack

Marketing Consultant

" Boy, Do i Like the Results...."

Discover The Delicious Food

These are just a few examples of the recipes from the program's delicious meal plans included in the fee. 

Individual meal plans are available for an extra fee.

What You Get

This is not your usual "run-of-the-mill" weight loss program

Weekly Online Group Coaching

This is an essential part. Get help from others when you stumble and help others when you're on a roll. 

Online Course - Lifetime Access to all Updates

Our awesome Course Area has all the supporting materials, videos, workbooks and more in one place.

Individual Support

2 individual sessions with DocChristine are included in the program to help you with individual health challenges. Unlimited email and phone support.

The Whole Family participates for FREE

Every adult at the same address can participate and get the same awesome benefits incl. individual support

Much More Than Good Food

Of Course recipes, mealplans and more are included. But that's not all. This program works with any diet....

Helps the Whole Person to Succeed

95%of people gain the weight back! Our program helps you to avoid this pitfall by continuing support and accountability.

We are working on a complete makeover of this program to improve it and make it stand out as one of the best on the market.

Please take advantage of the option to speak with us for free and learn more about your options.

If you haven't received our FREE books and other resources about different issues yet, please head over to our FREE resources section now to get them.

Questions? Don't know where to start?

Just hop on the phone for a FREE session with DocChristine and let her know what you need and what your concerns are...

Who Is Your Awesome Team?

Dr. Christine is a retired German physician living in Halifax, NS, Canada. She created the program from her over 30 years of experience in healthcare and her own experience losing weight and keeping it off for over 15 years. Her book "Eating for Vibrant Health and Explosive Energy" as well as "The F-Word Diet" are part of the program.

Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND