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Why a Custom Life Strategy?

Most of us just go through life, letting circumstances and random events pull us here or push us there.

If you desire to live your best life, full of passion, purpose and energy and be successful in anything:

in your personal life,

in your relationships,

as a parent,

as a partner,

as an employee,

as an employer,

as an entrepreneur

and enjoy lasting success around the 5 Dimensions of Life:


physical health

mental/emotional health

spiritual health

social/relationship health

you need your custom life strategy!

What is a Custom Life Strategy Session?

This is a one-time Custom Life Strategy Coaching Session with Dr. Christine, where we:

Assess your Functioning in Life

Find the areas where you can improve your life the most to make the most impact

Devise Your Clear Life Strategy Plan (for you to keep)

It Includes your Quality of Life Assessment as well as discussing the result with you

You then can take this custom strategy plan and use it to further improve your mental and physical health and learn how to balance your moods, reduce your cravings and feel better and more energetic, focused and motivated overall.

Normally, you would pay around $250 for a single session with Dr. Christine Sauer.

For our new clients, we created this highly discounted one-time life strategy session to get you fast results and a good strategy on moving forward, whether that would be with us or others.

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