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Video 1:  

How to Help Worries, Anxiety and Fatigue and 

Start Living Again!

Video 2: (Day 2) 

The Top 5 Things to Do to Turn Your Life Around!

Video 3:  (Day 3)

The 7 Things to AVOID to

NOT RUIN Your Brain - and Life

Video 4: (Day 4)

The Turn-Around Process: Stay Well For Life!

The Fastest Way to Feel Better !

Learn how to recover from chronic fatigue, mental illness, memory problems and more...

And see how you, too can get better fast and lead a happy, healthy life full of passion and purpose...

The REAL Causes

Most people (and doctors) never dig deep enough to find the real ROOT Causes...

How to Help Fatigue, Anxiety and Worries

Proven and Tested Strategies and Worksheets to help you to Feel Better Fast

What's Holding YOU Back

Everybody is different. Find out what you can do today to overcome challenges...

The Exact Turn-Around-Process

See how you can pull it all together and apply it to your life...

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What Others Are Saying:

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Dr. Christine and I have to tell you:  My life is so different since I met her. She helped me find out what all my food issues were, what my allergies were and has helped me develop a plan to eating properly. I have Crohn’s disease along with some other autoimmune disorders and the pain was just getting worse and worse every day. I was having trouble walking, my joints were sore, my belly was constantly bloated and it turned out that it‘s not all Crohn’s disease. In fact, I am allergic to many different food items and since we have eliminated them, I feel great! I have energy, my stomach is not bloated, in fact, I kind of keep losing weight, which is a great thing and I owe it all to Dr. Christine. She has just made my life wonderful and she can help you, too. I guarantee it!”

Rosanna Pelton

"Christine is a sincerely warm person who just wants to help everyone she meets. I was one of the lucky ones whom she took the time to get to know. She has been helping me regain my health! It is truly an amazing wake up call and I am looking forward to working with her on an ongoing basis. Each day brings me closer to a healthier me!"

Cathy C.

I am so glad I did the Turn-Around-Assessment with Dr. Christine! After years of feeling crappy all day, fatigued, depressed and being unable to sleep and in pain, I finally knew step by step what to do. After following her plan and with her support and accountability for a few months I feel like a new person – energized, happy and 20 years younger! This process truly changed my life.”


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