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If you want to lose weight and need some extra motivation, you want to read “The F-Word Diet!” This book (free .pdf download) is fast and fun to read and great to help motivate you or as a gift to loved ones.

You will learn:

Why Cherise wants to lose weight – but HATES DIETING

How Cherise got her 14-year-old daughter aboard

What her family doctor recommends – so you know it’s safe

How you can eat - so your family will want to eat the same as you

How you, too, can be a GOOD EXAMPLE for your loved ones

What happened to Cherise 10 years in the future…

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FREE resources for you to support you on your own weight loss journey

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The knowledge that You, too, can do it!

The Motivation to not give up, so you can finally succeed and feel great again!

The F-Word Diet Book is Available Worldwide on Amazon

Your FREE Gratitude Journal!

The F-Word Diet Book is Available Worldwide on Amazon

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Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND@2x

“Yes, You Really Can Lose Weight By Switching On Your Gut-Brain Connection And Re-Establish Mental Health…”

Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

Dr. Christine Sauer is a German-trained Medical Doctor and a Naturopath, as well as a Gastrointestinal Disease Specialist and a Certified Brain and Mental Health Coach, helping people across the world re-establish their gut-brain connection and restoring their mental health and brain health while losing weight.

After an episode of severe back pain, followed by depression, she nearly lost her own life and brain power to despair and psychiatric medications.

She dedicated her life and over 40 years of experience to exploring and improving the deep connection between our gut and brain and the root causes for weight loss and mental health issues in 5 dimensions.

She is a #1 bestselling author, radio and podcast host and has appeared as guest speaker on summits, videos and in her own events.

Until now, there has been virtually no useful advice on how to lose weight - and heal your gut, your brain and your mind. Finally, for the first time, you can get real professional advice that actually works – from a trained physician and naturopath – who can see things from a caring, personal perspective.

If you’ve been searching for a solution to your expanding gut and shrinking brain power without success, this masterclass is about to change that for you…

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