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Ron Williams - When a Soul Wound is Healed, Unrealized Potential is Released

Coming up on Nov. 18th, 2021 at 6 pm Eastern Time

Ron Williams-Fat loss fitness weight loss inspiration soul

Ron Williams, one of the most decorated natural bodybuilders in the world is sharing his story on how he overcame his upbringing and let him inspire you to realize your potential.

Ron Williams is one of the country's leading experts on exercise physiology, diet and nutrition, and fat loss.


Over the past 35 years Ron has been a Life/Fitness Coach and has successfully lead thousands of clients to achieve the body they desire. His unique approach to education and inspiring philosophy combines being healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ron has been featured on CBN, TBN, ABC morning programs, FOX, CBS, Campus Crusade for Christ, Salem Broadcasting, USA Radio, (and many more).

Ron will tell his story and give you hope, resolve and practical tips on how to realize your potential.

This amazing, inspiring presentation is a not-to-miss. Ron speaks from his experience of what he learned from overcoming racism, growing up in a ghetto, suffering loss and abuse.

How he changed himself and ended up not only being a top natural bodybuilder, but also now a weight loss, exercise, nutrition and mindset coach.

Ron will give out a handout during the event for all registrants.

Ron is an wonderful and truly amazing human being, dedicated father and family man and a devout Christian.

Take this opportunity to benefit from his experience and ask questions!

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