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Creating a Better Future! 

How to Love Your Brain - And Love Yourself

Learn to Battle Your Dragons That Steal Your Joy  

How To Start Feeling Happy And Content

Practical Tips & Tricks

Current and Upcoming Event Topics:

  • Your Brain And You: What If – Mental Health Is Really Brain Health? The War For Our Brain And Mental Health  

  • Start with DUMB  - Why SMART Goals don't Work - and How to Set Goals That Stick

  • Brain Structure And Development, Our Environment, Upbringing And Future Behavior

  • What’s Your Brain Type?  Brain Regions, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD,  And Other Brain Struggles (Mental Illness)

  • How Brain Chemistry Works And How It Affects Our Behavior And Vice Versa

  • Nutrition And Supplements For Brain And Mental Health 

  • Creating New Habits For A Better Future 

  • Friends With Benefits: The Gut Microbiome And The Gut-Brain Connection

  • Are You a Sheep Or a Sheepdog? 

  • How and Why People Change 

  • Focus And Attention

  • Gratitude 

  • Turning Pain Into Purpose - Meaning, Purpose And Passio

  • Boost Your Brain Reserve 

  • The Pre-Frontal Cortex  - Your CEO And You 

  • The Anterior Cingulate Gyrus – Is Your Gear-Shifter Stuck? 

  • The Basal Ganglia – Your Anxious Brain And PTSD 

  • The Limbic System – Your Moody Brain And Your Pleasure Centre

  • 50 Ways To Grow Your Brain Pt. 1 

  • 50 Ways To Grow Your Brain Pt. 2 

  • Your Brain In Relationships 

  • Raising Brain-Healthy Kids 

  • Routines For Success 

  • Healthy Brain On The Go 

  • Temporal Lobes-Your Learning, Memory And Angry Brain

  • Hormones And Your Brain 

  • Memory Restoration Pt. 1 

  • Memory Restoration Pt. 1 

  • Brain Warrior’s Responsibility And Being A Brain Warrior For Life 

  • Fundamentals Of Success – Start With The Brain 

  • Driving Change: By Knowing How Your Brain Functions.

  • Balancing Work & Home: Four Circles Of Brain Health

  • Motivation, Creativity & Innovation: How To Ignite Them In The Brain & Workplace. 

  • Lead By Example: Planting Brain Healthy Habits At Work & Life 

  • Negativity: Kill The ANT's in Your Brain that Steal Your Joy and Happiness

  • Fuel High Performance: Nutrition, Supplements, And Gut Health 

  • Protect Your Future: Brain Optimization For A Lifetime

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