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Think! - with Johnnie Calloway

Coming up on October 28th, 2021 at 12 pm Eastern Time


Explore the power of thinking & how thinking influences our behavior and our actions - how can we honestly investigate our own thoughts?

Thoughts go through our heads all the time. They can make us feel good or bad, and they often lie to us.

Learn in this webinar how thinking influences our emotions, behavior and actions.

How can we get aware of our thoughts, how can we honestly investigate them and - how can we change them so they benefit and not hurt us any more?

Johnnie Calloway is the Author of three books, a Certified Thought Coach, and Trainer, Blogger, Teacher, Speaker, and Storyteller. He is extremely passionate about exploring the power of thought. 

As a storyteller, he loves to see people change their stories as they change their thoughts.

Watching people heal as they learn to see with a new pair of glasses, is life changing for him.

Past Events and Recordings

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