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1 Lesson

Free Meetings: "Virtual Cup of Coffee or Tea"

Let's talk, whether you'd just like to chat with a potential new friend or you may want to work with me as a client.

Pick your meeting from the list below!

Free "Virtual Cup of Coffee or Tea" with Dr. Christine Sauer for potential clients and/or partners

Connect with me and let's get to know each other within 30 min or less during a "virtual" cup of coffee...

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We will talk about your family, your desires, your issues and maybe Dr. Christine can give you a tip or so right away how to help you along.

We can get to know each other over a "virtual cup of coffee (or tea)" and informally chat about your needs and what would be best to help.

And if you are interested, we can book a follow-up session to connect further and talk about how we can best work together for mutual benefit!

Let's get talking!


Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND INHC, CBHC

  • Certified Brain Health Coach
  • Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner
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Emotional Eating 1 Lesson

Worksheet: My relationship with Food

Why are you eating? What's your relationship with food?

Find out by filling out this concise worksheet!

Favorite Recipes 1 Lesson

Black Bean Brownies

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Depression and Your Diet 1 Lesson

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2 Chapters

Your Purpose and Passion, Goalsetting and Planning

Here you find resources on how to discover and follow your purpose, passion and more, about Goalsetting and Planning your days.

Purpose and Passion 1 Lesson

Workbook: What's Your 3 W's ?

The 3 W's is how we call the 3 existential questions that everyone should ask themselves at least every 12 months:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why are you here on this earth?
  3. What do You want to Do with the Rest of Your Life?

This worksheet will help you to discover your true purpose and passion for life!

Click HERE to Download it Now!

Goalsetting and Planning 2 Lessons

How to set Goals: First Dream Big!

The reason that classic SMART Goals don't work is simple: They don't account for your WHY. That's why I encourage you to start with the 3W's Worksheet in the Chapter on Purpose and passion.

Next, start dreaming some more.

Click HERE to download the worksheet to help you with this...

How to set Goals

Then, you start setting your one-year goals and then breaking them down.

Click HERE to get this worksheet to learn how to do this: